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Pediatric nursing or child health nursing is a specialized nursing practice branch which deals with the health of babies, young children, and adolescents. Specialists in this field are known as a pediatric nurse. In comparison to other fields of nursing practice pediatric nursing is very wide in scope. In adult nursing there are different specialty fields like cardiac, mental health and emergency care nursing etc. but for children, all specialties are converged into one branch that is pediatric nursing.

A pediatric nurse has to undergo special training in child health and child behavior after their undergraduate studies where they are trained in child health both in theory and clinical practices. Pediatric nursing also focuses on the healthy growth and development of a child not only at a physical level but also at the mental level. In pediatric nursing education and awareness of the family members especially mothers is a very critical and important aspect because child health is a continuous process and it requires that families should be educated on how to take care of the child and provide them a healthy growth opportunity. This education and awareness is provided majorly by the nursing professionals because they have a closer working relationship with the patients. Pediatric nursing also incorporates emergency medical management and intensive care for the children of different age groups. In neonatal pediatric nursing, a nurse has to take care of the most basic requirement of the patient which needs a very hard and in-depth training process. With such a rigorous studies and academic schedule it becomes very difficult for the student to spend time on the mandatory requirements like assignments’ projects’ essays and dissertations.

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