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Cardiac nursing is a specialized branch of nursing which focuses on providing healthcare to post-episodic patients who have suffered from some form of cardiac ailment such as  angina, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction, cardiac dysrhythmia etc. The people who have suffered from such an episode have particular needs that need to be addressed and monitored. This specialization has evolved out of a need for addressing these needs. In order to become a competent and qualified cardiac nurse, one has to strike an adequate balance between education, training and practice. This education, training and practice must also be in line with the nursing practices and standards enforced by the relevant government agency of any country. The four stages of gaining competency to work as a cardiac nurse should involve:

  • Pre-registration clinical development and preparation for initial diploma/degree
  • Immediate post-registration clinical development and initial diploma/degree
  • Intermediate clinical development and specialist study/post-graduate diploma
  • Advanced clinical development and higher degree/ Masters/PhD

Completion of these four stages ensures that a nurse is fully qualified to function as a cardiac nurse specialized in the domain of cardiovascular diseases. Competent nurses can work in general hospitals, speciality hospitals, private care nurses, teachers etc. Some proper establishments for practising the profession of a cardiac nurse cardiac surgical and medical wards, cardiac catheter laboratories, cardiac critical care units, coronary care units, access chest pain clinics, and echocardiography. There are three tiers of cardiac nursing that exist and operate within different domains of health care. These can broadly be called primary, secondary and tertiary. Within the context of these zones cardiac nursing has four distinct domains: health promotion, cardiac prevention and rehabilitation, acute/chronic and episodic care, and palliative care.

The abilities of a nurse in terms of professional competency would enable them to:

• Plan the establishment of a strong career in the domain;

• Identify areas and aspects where more extensive training, practice or experience is required;

• Being able to appraise performance;

• Being able to assure professional competency and integrity;

• To ensure public safety.

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