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Cardiac and other heart related disorders are rapidly becoming most fatal diseases widely. Cardiac diseases are those disease which impacts the heart and circulatory system. cardiac diseases and its nursing care is a very delicate and sensitive area of nursing care because cardiac disease are very difficult to manage and they require a very effective combination of medical treatment' surgical intervention and  life style regulation. Cardiac nurses require to provide emergency life-saving procedures like CPR and electrical shock for revival of patient along with preventive and intervention based treatment. cardiac nursing care incorporates nursing care with a highly refined judgment and diagnosis skills to manage the diseases efficiently.

Cardiac nursing is a post graduate level specialty branch but at graduate level also much emphasis is given on managing cardiac patients. the prime reason for such importance of cardiac care is rising number of patients in all countries. a cardiac nursing student undergoes an extremely tight schedule during the training period. The training period is packed with lectures, live demonstrations, clinical rounds and community health education.

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