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The phylum Angiospermae or Magnoliophyta comprises of the flowering plants. About 90 percent of plants are angiosperms. They’ve been on the earth for around 130 million years. They are so called because their seeds are enclosed within a carpel i.e. a fruit. The most prominent feature of these plants is the ability to give flowers and fruits.

They are different from the gymnosperms, that lack the outer fruit and whose seeds are contained in a cone. Few examples of gymnosperms are cycads, gingko trees, pines, firs, cedars, redwood etc. On the other hand, the three largest families of angiosperms include sunflower, orchid, and pea.

This division has two main classes – Monocotyledons (monocots), having one cotyledon(nutrient storage area), leaves with parallel venation, fibrous roots and flower parts arranged in threes or sixes. Examples include orchids, grasses, and grains. Dicotyledons (dicots) have two cotyledons, digitate leaves, one main taproot and flower parts arranged in twos, fours or fives. Most trees, shrubs, vegetables are dicots.

The flowers may be male, female or hermaphrodite. Angiosperms reproduce sexually through pollination. The anther of the stamen (male sex organ) produces the pollen (containing the sperm cells). This pollen is carried to the stigma end of the pistil (female organ) Now a pollen tube carries the pollen to the ovary. Here the fertilization between the sperm cells and egg occurs. This fertilized egg is the seed while the ovary is the fruit. Birds and insects act as the pollinators that transfer pollen grains from one plant to another. Pollination may also occur by the wind.

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