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Aged care nursing is a specialty of nursing sciences where care of the elderly and dependent adults is undertaken by the nursing professionals. In this specialty special care needs of the adults is taken care of like their routine requirements, assisted living, long term care and in house care. Aged care is more of a supportive  science where patients are supported over a long period of time.

Aged care nursing studies is a post graduate level specialty branch and it is also taught in undergraduate nursing courses as a important subjects.  Aged care nurses are specially trained to deal with the old people and understand their requirements and needs properly. Many time Aged people just need some one to talk to or some one who can listen to their griefs. Aged care nurses are also trained to play that role. An aged care nursing professional's training and studies period is very rigorous in nature and it requires spending a lot of time on specific subjects of elderly nursing care. There are many diseases and conditions which impacts the elderly people in a community and they are taught specifically to aged care nurses. Aged care nursing also includes study of demographics and community prevalent diseases so that they can make some interventions as well in epidemic diseases and improvise the health level of elderly people in a particular community. Employers of  aged care nurses are mainly hospitalsnursing homesadult homes, private clinics and as a  personal nurse by some patients.

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