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Nursing is an important field in the domain of health care. While it is doctors who specialize in medical treatment, do tests and give diagnosis and recommend preventive or curative measure, it is the nurses, for the most part, who implement and administer the treatments. In addition to assisting doctors at their work, they also look after patients and provide them with emotional and sometimes spiritual support. The BSc (Hons) degree in Adult Nursing that is offered at numerous universities across education hub nations like UK, US and Australia, is the first step towards building a career in nursing. The course is a comprehensive venture into the highly specialized field of nursing. It has been designed to enable graduate nurses to become fully competent nursing professionals. Nursing is not just about the medical aspects, but also about caring and compassion for the ill or wounded. The course teaches students make clinical decisions autonomously and ensures that they are able to deliver care provide consistently high quality healthcare assignment. Practical segments of the course help students develop practical skills which would be used in actual practice along with theoretical knowledge. Overall, it familiarizes nursing students with the field intimately and instils them with an understanding of the core values and ideologies that lie behind this profession.

The undergraduate honours program in adult nursing is usually 3 years long. The topics that may be studied through different stages of the course are:

First Year

In the first year, the course can include essential skills for Higher Education and healthcare; SEARCH for health; life span development; promoting individual health; fundamentals of nursing practice; protection of vulnerable people; introduction to professional practice; pre-requisite course requirement-professional practice portfolio.

Second Year

In the second year, students may study topics like becoming an effective professional practitioner; understanding altered physiology; principles of pharmacology and medicines management; nursing practice and decision-making 1; introduction to public health; developing professional practice; pre-requisite course requirement-professional practice portfolio.

Third Year

In the tird year, students may study topics like research in practice; evaluating and advancing nursing practice; nursing practice and decision making 2; leading and managing care services; advancing nursing skills; autonomous professional practice; pre-requisite course requirement- professional practice portfolio.

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