New Child Pram Development Assignment

New Child Pram Development Assignment

Introduction: New Child Pram Development Assignment

The baby product markets form a big chunk of the overall mobility carrier markets in the world. The market for baby products includes prams, car seat, small furniture items, accessory for kids’ usage and other such items (Adlin, T, 2006). The overall baby product market is dominated by the prams, which occupy the 1/3 of this mega market segment. Other than prams other product into the market includes the car seats which are responsible for 25% of the market share of the baby product market. Te furniture consists of only 15% of the overall market share.

The pram market is very big market and this market is divided among various manufacturers which are having small part as their market share in the huge market (Annacchino, M, 2007). Though there are several big players in the Pram market which includes BRIO, SIMO and Carena. The focus of overall pram market is basically on the quality issue since the product is very quality sensitive and consumer look for better quality each time they need to buy the pram (Johnson, K, 2002)). The consumer behavior in pram market is quiet different since consumer take decision taking lot of time while deciding about the children’s products and also look for good design product and safety as well.

Context: New Child Pram Development Assignment

The Pram market worldwide is the biggest market in the baby product segment with a market share of more than 30% alone counted for overall market. Since the baby product market is attached with the lifestyle of the people which is very dynamic in nature so there is always a healthy demand in the market for the new designs of the pram in the market (Billett, E, 1995). Along with the designing part safety issues about the pram are also a big concern in parents mind while purchasing such a product so there is always big demand for pram.

Another major trend into the pram market is the low cost and low price structure of the pram market. Since the prams are produced all around the world so in the country like China where economies of scale are well implemented so cost of producing the pram are very low and hence the prices are also quoted low for such products (Billatos, S, 1997).

The parents need for the different kinds of pram vary according to their way of thinking for the desired characteristics in the pram; some attach it with lifestyle, some with safety while others with the convenience of riding over it (Brown, T, 2009). Some of the characteristics of the pram are as follows:

  1. Flexibility: Flexibility in terms of the mobility over the various kinds of ground over which it can move
  2. Size: Size is also a major concern as the size of the vehicle should be very adjustable in order to fit the pram in available space in home or other places
  3. Versatility: Versatility of the vehicle is one more concern. The vehicle should be such that it can work from birth to toddler years of the kid.
  4. Compatibility: Compatibility of the pram are also one more major concern as the compatibility of the pram with the car sheet and other things provide convenience to its users.
  5. Comfort and safety: Another major concern for the parents of kids is the safety level they would get from the pram and comfort of kid and parents is also very important factor in determining its utility.

Rationale of the study

Pram market is one of the biggest markets in the baby product market with an individual market share of 33% so it very huge market which needs proper understanding of the overall market and its trends. Since the pram like products are supposed to be attached with the lifestyle of the people so these are dynamic in nature and have to be changed along with time. Read about Market Planning Assignment.

Parents who buys pram for their kids have following concerns about the pram which are as follows:

  1. Trendy
  2. Safe
  3. Comfortable
  4. Can access a variety of terrains
  5. Is versatile from birth to toddler years
  6. Can convert from a forward to rear facing pram
  7. Whilst considering the need of parents with more than 1 child under 4
  8. Easy recycling and friendly environment
  9. Multiple usage
  10. Price of the pram

Due to these concerns of the parents for the pram of their kids very well designed pram are required which can serve their needs well. So the proper designing of the pram can provide the firm with the competitive advantage which can help the company to separate its offerings from other competitors.


The market for the pram worldwide is very dynamic since the product has very short life cycle since being a lifestyle product. So the product needs to be constantly evolving in terms of the design as well as the utility of the product. The currently developed pram of the company is suffering with some design issues which need to be corrected in the current design of the pram which is proposed. Critical analysis has been done with the current pram and a customer analysis has been done with the overall customer experience and complain done by customers and then the improvement required are suggested.

For developing the pram in modern market the focus is on two things which are: First the pram should be fashionable since people attach it with their lifestyle and secondly it should provide high utility to the customer in terms of convenience and compatibility as well. The area of design is very crucial for the firm since the design of the pram will decide the overall demand of the product of the company. This design issue is very profitable too. Read about Corus Steel Organization Change Management.


The Main aim of this research is to find out the following:

  • To collect a vast array of existing research and data to understand the market sector for pram
  • To analyse the key design features and requirements
  • To understand legislative requirements
  • To develop a portfolio of design requirements to be tested

Design objectives

To develop a pram that has:

  • Multi-usages,
  • high-quality,
  • appropriate cost
  • ease of use
  • Becomes compact

Research objectives

The objectives behind carrying out the research are as follows:

  • To understand the most profitable designs
  • To understand the trends in existing market for Pram
  • To conduct a small sample of market research to understand what parents want from a pram

Problem statement

  • Difficulties in Marketing to potential consumers in a way to accept and understand the benefits of this new pram.
  • Determining the optimal price of the pram
  • Advertising of the pram to attract the attention of potential consumers

Requirements of project

  • Ensuring quality and practical use
  • Meeting legislation and safety requirements
  • Ensuring Uniqueness
  • Creating a trend to develop comparative advantage

Methodology adopted

The methodology used for the research design of the pram will involve both primary as well as secondary data collection from the various sources. The secondary data collection would be done from the already developed and tested prams available. The research would be exploratory as well as experimental in nature.

  • Exploratory research design

For collecting the primary data used for the exploratory research various sources would be used like:

  • Face to face: The face to face interviews would be conducted with the potential customers of the pram which are parents who want to buy pram for their kids. These interview would be of different kinds like:
    • Structured
    • Unstructured
    • Formal
    • Informal
  • Writing notes: Notes writing would be done with the help of the respondents which will be asked to share the design parameters of the pram which they desire, should be present into the pram. Hence these insights shared by the parents will help the researcher to design the pram which is desired by the parents.
  • Video and audio: Audio and video data collection would also be done in which video and audio of the various customer would be collected, it would be some sort of live interaction with these potential customers.
  • Experimental research design

For conducting the experimental research which is an important component of the research design it will also involve collection of primary data from the respondents but first prototype would be developed and this prototype would be tested among the customers. The following process would be done in order to conduct the experimental research:

  • Market research of 2-3 mother and baby groups will be undertaken to understand what parents want in a pram
  • Design of 2-3 new prams outlines which will be tested with the market research groups

In order to collect the deep information from the customers about the pram following methods would be used:

  • Prototyping
  • Card model
  • 2D visual
  • Computer aiding and hand drown
    • Easy and quick
    • Adds value
  • Early prototyping

Marketing the concept

Since the product which is sold in case of pram market more or less is the same for every company which is baby mobility carrier. Hence though as such there is very less difference between the various companies’ product. So while marketing the product marketers should pay proper attention to the details which they want to highlight in front of the customers.

A through market research can be done based on the consumer behavior in case of the pram market. And the customer requirement can be known for the pram. The parameter which a customer looks into the pram or can value into the pram can be identified. Identifying these parameters will help the marketer to highlight the customer benefit which they want to receive from the product and hence the position can be done in such a way that the customer are attracted towards the product and identify the product differentiating it from the other products.

Depending upon the customer survey in order to find out the characteristics of the pram which they value most include the following:

  1. Multiple usage
  2. Convience
  3. Compatibility
  4. Price
  5. Ease of use
  6. Versatile design

Design Process

The design process used for the child pram can be of two kinds which are as follows:

  1. Soft design: The soft design brief is a very flexible kind of design which is made for any product. Soft design brief is developed as a prototype of the real product and it is initially tested for the customer perception and if the customer response for the product is found to be favourable then the prototype is converted into final product. Soft design brief is developed initially since it is very flexible in nature hence it can be modified easily. Since when the product is tested with the customer then the customer perceptions are accommodated into the final product with the help of this design brief. In soft design brief there is no control on the budget of the product being developed.
  2. Hard design: Hard design brief is the final stage of the development of the product in which there is not much need of the changes to be made within the product and the design of the product is considered as the final. Since there are not much changes done into the product so there is greater control on the budget of the product.

Design brief for child pram

For developing our child pram we will make use of the soft design brief. The reason behind using the soft design brief is that the methodology used for the research is experimental in nature which involves testing the prototype developed for the product among the customer and if the feedback is good then the prototype would be developed as final product. Hence our methodology requires lot of flexibility in terms of the design process which can be provided by soft design brief only but there is not much budget control in this design brief. Since the child pram which we are developing requires multi functionality and the stylish so greater design flexibility is required:

  1. Car sheet separation: To make the pram multi functional easy to use the car sheet has been provided into the pram in which sheet can be removed from the pram and attached to car sheet in the car which provides ease of use. The following figure shows car sheet separation design:
  1. Bicycle transformation: The pram has been provided with sufficient flexibility so that the pram can be transformed into bicycle like structure so that it can be conviently be moved from one place to other.
New Child Pram Development Assignment
  1. Shopping basket join: To make pram multifunctional pram is provided a joint in which a basket can be joint which will help the parents to do shopping along with their kids in pram.
  1. Folding pram: The following figure shows that the pram can be folded into a compact structure so that it is easy to put pram at some place and also it would be easy to take pram from one place to other.
New Child Pram Development Assignment

Conclusion and recommendations:

A pram which is designed for today’s kid should be stylish and multifunctional so that it can serve various purposes for parents. Hence following features are recommended into a pram:

  • Unique: In terms of its design since it was different from its counterpart present into the market hence was able to provide the competitive advantage through its unique design.
  • Versatile: The final product made is very versatile in nature since the product has short lifecycle so it will help the product to implement the changes done in later stages of the product development through new design.
  • Trendy: The designed model of the pram is very fashionable and trendy and people will feel good to carry that pram along with them and hence will add to lifestyle of the people.
  • Safe and Comfortable: The model which is designed is very safe from the parents and kids point of view as it covers the baby from any kind of problem. And the design is such that it does not have any problem while moving on different terrains.
  • Multiple usages: The biggest advantage of the pram will be its capability for multiple usages since the product is lifestyle product so the customer should have good feeling while carrying it with their shopping and at other time. So the pram designed have multiple usage in the sense that it can be attached with the shopping basket as well as the car sheet separator which can be connected to car sheet with convience.
  • Ease of use: The pram is provided with the bicycle rotator which can be even used by the kids themselves in order to drive the pram easily hence the design provides the ease of use as well.
  • Soft brief design: The pram should be designed in soft brief design so that it can have proper flexibility.


The Pram which is suggested in the research is serving different purposes for the buyers of the pram. The pram has various features like: flexibility, multifunctional, unique, easy to use and trendy. The design process followed for the pram is soft brief since that will enhance the flexibility of the pram which is a crucial factor for the pram since the methodology adopted for the research is experimental in nature and hence requires various changes in the prototype developed.

Hence from the functional as well as the technical aspects the pram design is very lucrative for the buyers of the pram. Since it has various functionalities and the design allows the buyers to make it use according to their comfort. Hence the overall product composition for the pram is highly suitable and as revealed from the experimental research customers like the product. Read about Retailers Pricing Strategy.


The pram which is proposed to be designed in the research which is accomplished through the exploratory and experimental research suggest that the pram should be designed with the soft brief design process in order to allow the flexibility into the design process. But the main problem with the soft brief design process is that there is no control on the budget part into the soft brief design process. But for the product like pram which is also price sensitive product there should be low prices in order to increase the market share for the product. Also since in this design process we can’t estimate the cost of the product which a company is going to manufacture hence there would be many difficulties in terms of planning in the design process involved into the product.


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