Networks and distributed systems Course Assignment Help

Networks and distributed systems Course Assignment Help

Networks and distributed systems

In the converging picture of the world today, borders are amalgamating into one global market, the Internet and the World Wide Web is erasing boundaries at an accelerating pace. In the diverging scenario of the business model, it is crucially important for business owners to inculcate a robust and sound networking structure and communication system to be at par with their competitors. The need for inter-organisation communication is continually on a rise. With this, the need for professionals in this field has also dramatically spiralled over time which was the reason for the introduction of such course in reputed universities around the globe

This course seeks to provide the students with all the information and knowledge they will require in the field of communication and networking thus giving them a head start in their prospective career. In addition the student also gains knowledge about distributed systems, their interoperability and the dependence of an organisation’s structure on such networks. This combined knowledge helps the student throughout his or her networking career. Enabling the student to analyse and assess possible problems, the course furnished vital information to the student so that he or she can face the challenges in their future organisation.

After finishing the course successfully, students will be able to: analyse applicable concepts and techniques learned in this course and assimilate these techniques with the concepts and approaches developed in this course; display knowledge of telecommunications fundamentals, technologies and implementations; display knowledge of local area network, metropolitan and wide area network architectures technologies and implementations; display written communication skills by critical evaluation and writing up evaluation in a concise format; display academic and professional literacy by collating theoretical and practical course material into a workable application through understanding concepts and their practical application; highlight the specific skills required by external accreditation bodies (especially the Australian Computing Society) through a variety of theory and practical in-class activities, assignments and the examination; display creativity, initiative, and enterprise by translating problems into a solutions that are efficient, economic and provide business benefits in telecommunications.

The curriculum is spread through different topics covering the horizon of networks and distributed systems. Thoroughly studying the syllabus imparts the necessary theoretical knowledge upon the students which they will require in their career. Few of the topics which are in the prescribed syllabus are: Network design methodologies, Network mechanisms, Network architectures, Business applications and distributed systems issues, Network management fundamentals, Review of applicable concepts and techniques

In addition to thoroughly studying the curriculum, the student must also submit few assignments to successfully complete this course. The assignments are based on the course and help the student to get a deeper understanding of the subject in a real time scenario. Upon successful submission of the assignment, the student must go through an examination to get the award for the completion of this course. The written examination, along with the assignment, evaluates the understanding and the knowledge of the students which they gain during the course.

Many good universities around the world offer this course with different names, but the same output. Some of the noteworthy universities are, University of Queensland which offers this course by the same name, the course code is, ‘CIS3003’, Duke University’s Department of Computer science has a course in this stream by the name 'Computer Networks and Distributed Systems' and the course code is ‘CS514 (ECE558)’, Columbia University offers a such course by the name, 'Distributed Systems' and the course code is W4995-2.