Network security Course

Network security Course

Every business or non business organisation in today’s age relies on the information technology for its operations and smooth functioning. In the earlier days when the computing technologies were not as developed, Network security was not as necessary a concept as is now. With the accelerating growth of the information technology, the risk involved also grew. Setting up a network of computers is not enough in today’s age, with the rise in different types of malicious programmes the risk of a network breach has grown significantly. This is why Network Security takes up a whole new paradigm in this age.

The course on Network security enables an individual to analyse potential threats and choosing the right set of tools to combat those threats. This course also provides the students with the key challenges they might be facing in the real like in terms of network security.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to analyse and address a number of situations where the security of a network can be compromised; understand and apply selected technologies to combat those threats; apply the algorithms behind some current network security protocols; display an understanding of how an insecured network can be attacked; work with firewalls and their applications; demonstrate detailed knowledge of ICP/IP.

The curriculum of the course is spread through various topics which cover almost every topic related to Network Security. Some of the topics are: Network security applications, Privacy protection in Network, Identity management, Virtual Private Networks, Prevention, detection and removal, Firewalls, TCP/IP security, Network threats, Review of Network Security.

Further in addition of studying these topics thoroughly, the student must submit a project report with detailed idea about the project, further implementation and the justification of the project’s relevance. The project gives the student an opportunity to have hands on experience of making the network secure and robust. The practical approach develops an in-depth understanding of the student on the issues related to network security. Upon the final submission of the project, the student must appear for a written examination where his understanding of the concept will be assessed.

There are a number of good universities which offer courses on network security covering all the above mentioned topics and then some more. University of Southern Queensland offers this course on network security with the same name and the course code is, CSC8421, similarly, MIT offers this course with the same name, the course code is 6.857, Stanford University offers this course with the same name of network security and the course is CS155.