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Rural marketing refers to the activity of penetrating to the lesser developed parts of the country where people are relatively less acquainted with the latest trends in the market and society of the cities. The recent spell of market instability witnessed by the world has made the use of rural marketing strategies necessary for goods producing organization to facilitate their product selling activities. With this growing focus of all the organizations towards lesser tapped markets rural marketing has suddenly come as a buzzword. This area in marketing provides a lot of opportunities for the emerging firms which aim to quickly increase their sales and capture a good portion of the market share. In order to be able to effectively cater products to the rural populace, the sales and advertising managers must have an explicit understanding of their needs and must create products accordingly. A strong distribution and access network would amplify the rural operations of any organization. The profits from such an untapped low competition market would be quite large but to be able to properly make use of this market opportunity the host organization must have a solid plan for market research, production and distribution.

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