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The marketing assignment help site was started in 2006 by the Locus R.A.G.S education group to provide marketing students with expert marketing assignment help on all issues related to the subject. The retail marketing assignment help services of the marketing assignment help site are provided by marketing experts who specialize in assessment of distribution channels. The concept of targeting the customers directly in the open markets gave rise to the concept of retail marketing. The major emphasis of retail marketing is on the retail value proposition which includes the product of customer experience, availability, and requirement divided by the total cost of acquiring the product. The growing web of retail chains and malls has indicated the necessity of this very important and crucial term. The battlefield is a bloodbath for the organizations competing in the retail world as the market is ruthless and there is no brand loyalty by the customers. The total bill size and bill value in retail is not very large and individual products which become the daily necessity have to be marketed and given a value proposition. There is a flood of multiple brands catering to the same product requirement and hence important concepts of the 4P’s of marketing including product, price, place and promotion are very important. The customers for retail are having a blinkered approach as they seek to spend very little time on the daily requirements and hence marketers have a real tough task to attract customers. The location of the product in the stores, its availability, pricing and promotion has to be blended in such a fashion as to get the consumer’s attention. Thus malls have their own design engineers to decide on the layout and placement of each and every shop right from the clothing to food courts to the high end luxury items. The marketing assignment help site’s retail marketing assignment help service offers marketing students the opportunity to take the help of marketing experts. Working in teams our marketing experts utilize their extensive experience and knowledge to give academically sound and practically relevant retail marketing assignment help. Additional support services like online tutoring, consultations and post submission help ensures that you understand the assignment yourself and are able to comprehend the subject on a much more intimate level. To get holistic, comprehensive and proficient retail marketing assignment help contact us at the marketing assignment help site and rest assured you will get the best retail marketing assignment help available. Other Recommended Pages :-

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