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Marketing mix is a marketing tool used to determine the marketing strategy for products. The 7P’s that comprise the marketing mix are product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, people and process. An alternate version of the marketing mix uses the 4C’s theory which includes consumer, cost, communication and convenience. The difference between the two is the approach. While the 7P approach is company or organization oriented, the 4C approach is consumer oriented. The marketing mix is one of the most popular methods to be used by marketing managers as it provides a holistic overview of the different factors that contribute to the success of the marketing effort undertaken by an organization for a given product. It is especially useful in determining the unique selling point of a product taking into consideration the quality advantage it has over its market competitors. It is vital for any marketing student to have a complete understanding of the marketing mix tool since it is likely to be used frequently by him/her when practicing the discipline in real-time marketing drives. Many students may also need marketing mix assignment help particularly if the marketing mix is engaging with a specific product in a simulated market environment. Students looking for a reliable source of marketing mix assignment help can avail the marketing mix assignment help services offered by the marketing assignment help site. Our marketing experts have an absolute understanding of all factors and nuances associated with the discipline both at a practical and an academic level. The marketing mix assignment help services have helped countless students gain a commanding grasp of the marketing mix strategy and enhanced their comprehension of marketing as a whole.

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