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The world has become a global village and with the advent of the internet and online shopping experience the time line has almost become extinct for the customers. Organizations have also taken advantage of the fact and expanded beyond their physical boundaries to cater to the entire population of the world. The terms like multinational, international, transnational and global firms are a result of global integration and firms going beyond physical borders and entering foreign lands. However this is a very important decision by any organization to expand and enter new foreign lands but the entire process is very crucial in terms of deciding the entry level strategy and the short and medium term goals. This is precisely known as the international marketing where firm strategizes the entire plan. The international marketing has become very important and requires the understanding of the various political, economic, social, technological, and legal factors before entering into any other country in the world.

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This has come to be known as the PESTL analysis. However the knowledge of the culture and environment of the new country is very important for the firm. The various entry level strategies like exporting, licensing, franchising, subsidiary and joint ventures help firm make a strong and stable entry without incurring losses. If any organization fails to understand the importance of the culture of the foreign land then it may prove to be a big disaster and may never make a successful entry into the foreign land. Study of international marketing includes the understanding of all such international parameters which are crucial in designing an entry strategy. Being a global firm is the basic necessity in today’s integrating world where race to get the new markets decide the position of the firm in the international arena. This concept encapsulates the study of entire policies of a particular country and then designs a successful marketing plan for an organization.

The site offers a detailed marketing assignment help and understanding of the concepts of international marketing and the experiences and marketing plans of few successful international firms. The case studies will help gain a practical understanding of the concepts. Our experts provide an online doubt clearing sessions to gain an inside view on the international marketing concepts.

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