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Distribution is one of the four elements of marketing mix and thus is a very important part of any given organization’s operations. Distribution channels are determined according to the type of product that is intended to be distributed through it. The most commonly used distribution channel is manufacturer-wholesales-retailer-consumer. Depending upon the nature of the product, the dominant marketing strategy, the intended market and the financial capabilities of the organization distribution channels may also include agents and/or brokers. There are basically three types of distribution channels – intensive, selective and exclusive. Intensive distribution is used for the most common products and intended to make the product available at as many outlets as possible. Selective distribution entails a very limited number of intermediaries and this method is used manufacturers of specialized or large products. Exclusive distribution is done by manufacturers of unique and/or exclusive products which are often by popular brands. The intermediaries here usually cater the products of that particular company and of no other.

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