Market Study Report on Mobile Phone Usability

Market Study Report on Mobile Phone Usability


Cellular phones for adults are one of the latest introductions in handset market with excellent market potential. These phones are extremely easy to use for senior citizens because of their big displays’ large push buttons’ speed dialing system and some companies even provide assistance in contacting emergency services.

Market study

These phones are slightly different from regular cell phones as they are designed with keeping requirements of senior citizens in mind like louder voice’ bright displays and even there prices are kept in a range where senior citizen can afford it as most of them are on fixed income sources.

Market research requirement

 A through market research is required for launching these phones as they are a very niche market and can achieve economies of scale only in areas with high population of senior citizens. This market segmentation is growing and make pricing sensitive and dependent on other’s opinion (family and peer group) before making a purchase.

What happens in market

Market is getting extremely competitive because the other market segment for cell phones is getting saturated and handsets are becoming more of a commodity. So all companies are targeting this segment which is still untapped and have a very healthy growth rate on year on year basis.

Product offered

Product offered by us is by RETCALL MOBILE LTD in the brand name ONE dial easy. It is a retro style product with certain new concepts and features.  Following are its core features:-

  1. Life saver: - this feature sends an emergency message to pre-selected 5 numbers as well as to 911 when pressed down a button for 10 seconds continuously. A very good feature considering the health related issue and crimes against senior citizens.
  1. Big display; - the display is quite big in size, bright colored and very large font. This makes it easy for them to read it even with impaired vision and dim lights.
  1. Voice dial pad: - this pad dials the number, saves it send and receives messages on voice command only. This makes it very user friendly and also be used by people who are unable to dial or read and write.
  1. Standard answering pad: - the answering pad is standard in nature with 3 common buttons which are multipurpose and can be used for various activities making it easy to use.
  1. Numeric pad with illuminating pad:- the numeric pad is also made up of illuminating material which is useful in using the cell phone in dim lit areas or in low visual clarity.
  1. Numpad cover: - this contains a big name card area where the name of the owner even with address can be placed in big bold letters. This enhances the safety of cell phone as well as more assurance of its safe return if lost.

Current market trends:-  the market of these phones is growing at a pace of 25% year on year basis and more economic range is demanded by market as the target segment for this product is very price sensitive and with paying capacity of lower end.

Population status in UK and its senior citizen population

A graphical representation of population distribution

population distribution graphpopulation distribution

The population of the United Kingdom was estimated to be 60,975,000 in mid-2007, up by 388,000 (0.6 per cent) on the previous year and nearly 84% of population of UK lives in ENGLAND which is most densely populated while SCOTLAND is least densely populated area. The population is also increasing in such a fashion that for the first time UK has more number of 65 + than 16+ in its population.

Population statistics of UK

  • All ages: - 58.8 million
  • Under 16 years: - 11.9 million
  • Men and Women 16 to 64; - 36.1 million
  • Men and Women 65+:- 10.8 million
  • Males; - 28.6 million
  • Females: - 30.2 million
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Statistics of Nottingham

Nottingham is a major city as well as unitary authority area in East midland region of UK . The city itself has a population of 288700 while the population of wider Nottingham urban area is 667,000 in last census. The latest nongovernment figures of population of Nottingham are as follows. The latest population estimates are:

  1. 300,800 for the City of Nottingham
  2. 667,100 for Greater Nottingham
  3. 786,600 for the Nottingham Travel-to-Work Area

The senior citizen population of Nottingham is approximately for 65+ populations is as follows

  1. Total persons: - 99100
  2. Males: - 43500
  3. Females; - 55600
[caption id="attachment_4657" align="aligncenter" width="619"]Census Statistics of Nottingham(Source: Population Estimates Unit, Office for National Statistics)[/caption]

Pricing comparison

INO MOBILE90-120 British poundSINGAPORE
MATOB MOBILE (Doro)133 British poundsENGLAND
MATOB MOBILE (easy 5)80 British poundsENGLAND
F950073 US DollarsUSA

 If we look at general comparison of prices the products from USA are relatively cheaper than products available in UK but if we take in effect the cost of transportation and other insurance relate cost it might be of same range. The features available in handset’ the calling plans, battery life etc also contribute in coming to a total cost. This comparison gives a clear indication that if a cost effective range of product can be launched in UK market there could be a huge market potential for it.

Places where this product can be marketed

There are various places where this product can be marketed if we target the right market segment at right places. Putting  p’s in place the product, place, price and people we can target by following ways;-

  1. We can contact the old age homes or senior citizen residential area societies and can offer bulk deals to them
  2. We can also make partnership with telephone service provider companies to give a combination plan with special plans for senior citizens where we can give the handset in combination with plans.
  3. We can also market our product to various old age clubs, committees, social groups and support groups for senior citizens. Here we can use communication strategy with a message for the product to a very focused and targeted market.
  4. We can study the demography of UK and target the areas where more number of senior citizens is residing.
  5. We can also contact district libraries’ hospitals’ clinics and worship places where more number of senior citizens visit.
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Marketing plan: -

The product should be marketed as a value for money product as senior age group believes in value for money.

  1. Product:- easy to use ‘big display and assistance in emergency
  2. People: - senior age group ( 65+) people of both genders.
  3. Price: - the price band should be between 75 pounds to 100 pounds depending on features and talk plan combined with it.
  4. Place:- the place to market will be senior citizen societies’ social groups’ colonies’ old age homes’ hospitals and even working people who have old age parents and grandparents
  5. Promotion:- the product will be promoted as a easy to use extremely beneficial in emergency and value for money product. In launch we can provide some free talk plans and other benefits like free gifts or coupons for customers to attract them.
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Average income of UK citizens according to age group

Age BandMedian IncomeMean IncomeMedian Income (Men)Mean Income (Men)Median Income (Women)Mean Income (Women)
Under 20 years£ 8,130£ 9,570£ 8,490£ 9,810£ 7,990£ 9,250
20 – 24 years£ 11,800£ 13,200£ 12,400£ 13,800£ 11,200£ 12,300
25 – 29 years£ 17,000£ 19,300£ 17,800£ 20,600£ 15,900£ 17,800
30 –34 years£ 19,500£ 23,900£ 21,600£ 26,700£ 16,400£ 20,100
35 – 39 years£ 20,100£ 26,800£ 23,600£ 31,700£ 15,500£ 20,100
40–44 years£ 20,200£ 28,100£ 24,600£ 34,600£ 14,900£ 19,800
45 – 49 years£ 20,300£ 28,600£ 24,800£ 35,400£ 15,200£ 20,100
50 to 54 years£ 19,300£ 27,000£ 23,500£ 33,400£ 15,100£ 19,200
55 – 59 years£ 17,200£ 24,500£ 20,900£ 29,900£ 13,100£ 17,200
60 – 64 years£ 13,600£ 20,000£ 16,500£ 24,300£ 10,700£ 14,200
65–69 years£ 12,600£ 17,900£ 13,600£ 19,500£ 11,100£ 14,800
70 – 74 years£ 13,300£ 18,100£ 15,600£ 21,100£ 10,700£ 14,300
Over 75 years£ 12,400£ 16,700£ 15,300£ 19,900£ 10,400£ 14,100

 Source :Office for National Statistics