Market Analysis Assignment Help

Market Analysis Assignment Help

Market analysis is a strategic process and is one of the most important steps involved while setting up a business. It mainly discusses the attractiveness and the dynamics of a special market in a specified particular industry. Market analysis is a research method which predicts the future of any market. This research method collects and examines the information related to any financial market. It specially researches the stock market to know more about it. Market analysis is a part of industry analysis. The main goal is to identify and determine the attractiveness of any market. It helps in understanding and identifying the opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses of a business. Market analysis is important to know the direction and the path to which the business is or is going to be headed. An effective market analysis helps in luring investors, sidestep pitfalls, and to attract customers. With help of market analysis, the marketing managers easily understand how the market works and what customers need and what should be improved etc. With help of market analysis, the managers can know about the factors, conditions and characteristics of the market. A section of business plan, market analysis describes information related to the commercial markets or the industry where in the company works. A strategic and effective market analysis serves as foundation of success for the business. A documented analysis of the market, market analysis is used to inform a firm’s planning activities including purchases, work force expansion, work force contraction, capital equipment purchase, inventory decisions, promotional activities and many more.

market analysis assignment help

According to David A. Aaker, market analysis is a multi – dimensional approach including following:

  • Market Size, including current size and future size

Market size is evaluated on the basis of present sales and potential sales. Below are some informational determinants of market size:

  • Government Data
  • Trade Associations
  • Financial Data from Major Players
  • Consumer Survey
  • Market Growth Rate

Simply, market growth can be extrapolated by forecasting historical data into future, though this method fails to provide important turning points. A product diffusion curve can be constructed to predict the infection points in market growth rates.

  • Market Profitability

Different firms have different profitability levels. Michael Porter identified an important structure to evaluate the attractiveness of a market/industry. This framework is known as Porter’s Five Force Model,which identifies five factors which can influence the market profitability:

  • Buyer Power
  • Supplier Power
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Threats of Substitute Product s
  • Rivalry Among Firms in Industry
  • Industry Cost Structure

Cost structure is very important to know about the key factors responsible for success. Michael Porter demonstrated Value Chain model which is helpful in identifying these key factors. It is also helpful in strategic formulation so that competitive advantage can be developed.

  • Distribution Channels

Distribution channel is the path through which the products/services are travelled from vendor to consumer. Market analysis utilizes following distribution channel systems:

  • Trends and Emerging Channels
  • Channel Power Structure
  • Existing Distribution Channels
  • Market Trends

Changes in market often bring new threats and opportunities. These changes can be price sensitivity change, demand for variety and service/support emphasis level.  The relevant market trends are industry based; regional market trends can also be relevant.

  • Key Success Factors

These factors are required for the firm to achieve and accomplish its common marketing goals/objectives. These include:

  • Essential unique resources
  • Achieving economies of scale
  • Access to distribution channel
  • Technological progress

It’s important to strategize market plan and business while starting up a new business venture. A general market analysis includes following factors:

  • Industry Description & Outlook: This includes all about the industry where in the business is operating. It includes relevant industry metrics such as trends, projected growth, size etc. It helps the banks and investors to understand the business better.
  • Target Market: This includes identifying target market where the firm wants to reach. The firm must develop a clear idea of target market. Many times, there remains a misconception regarding target market. Many organizations fail to understand the meaning of potential markets.
  • Competitive Analysis: This includes dissecting the competitors. It is important for the firms to understand who they are competing with. It helps in identifying the real strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, including what are they good at, where do they lack behind etc.
  • Projections: This section includes market share and pricing and gross margin.
  • Regulations: To know if there are any governmental regulations on the target markets. This section studies the restrictions and barriers.

Firms should conduct good research on the customers out in the market so that firm can know in which market segmentations do the customers belong to? Published market reports can also be a part of market analysis. Firm should understand how the customer behaves and what they want. Customer research data can be used to investigate the purchasing decisions. Market analysis describes the market in general terms which are relevant to the firm’s business.

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