Leadership Theories Assignment Help

Leadership Theories Assignment Help

Leadership Theories Assignment Help

Leadership is not just restricted within the organization or business. In our everyday life too, we encounter leadership so many times. Sometimes, we ourselves become the leader and lead others. Sometimes, we come in the leadership influence of others.  Students studying leadership and management need to write leadership assignments. Writing leadership assignments is not an easy task. It needs years of practical approach with functional experience.  Students looking for most professional strategic leadership and leadership theories assignment help often get confused with the quality and content of online assignments.

Leadership Theories

Leadership is a very wide subject of study. Simply, it doesn’t account for anything special for a normal human being. But it is of great importance to the organizations and businesses. While people take leadership just a way to motivate the people, it is full of many ideas, plans, strategies and terminologies. There are many philosophical and psychological theories, principles of leaderships which have led to tremendous changes in the world, socially and economically. If we look at the history, many ancient philosophers had put their theories.   In the present age, there are many accepted theories leaderships which are taught at schools and colleges. Leadership theories distinguish particular characteristics of a leader, no matter if he is in business or social reforms.

Following is the list of leadership theories:

  1. Great Man theory: Great man theory came in existence during the 19th It tells that the leadership capacity is an inherent asset. According to this theory certain divinely blessed and inspired man changed the world.  The theory is based on heroes and myths etc. and thus inspire other people for leadership. The word Men is used because leadership was supposed to be a male dominance.
  2. The Trait Theories or Trait Leadership: Trait leadership came into existence due to Great Man theory. These theories stated that man inherited some qualities, characteristics or trait that’s why they became leaders. It focused on the personality and behavioral traits, qualities of leaders. Trait theories told that some people are particularly suited to leadership with inherited traits.
  3. Participative Theories: Participative Leadership:According to the participative theories, leaders take the input of others into the account. Leaders influence, motivate and encourage the participation and contribution of others for decision making and strategy planning. The involvement of others in decision making helped in solving problems.
  4. Relationship Theories (Transformational Theories): Transformational theories stated that people always follow those who influence them.  It sets up the relations between the leaders and their followers. Leaders who have this type of strategic leadership are often considered to have huge ethical and moral standards.
  5. Transactional Theories(Management Theories): This type of leadership uses power and influence for leading others. This type of leadership is commonly seen. Many people influenced and inspired others. From Gautam Buddha, Martin Luther King to Steve Jobs there has been many people which influenced others on the basis of their persona.
  6. Behavioral Theories:Behavioral theories stand on the fact that leaders are not born. People who believed in behavioral theories strongly followed the fact that leaders are made not born. The theory tells on the behavior of leaders i.e. how they behave. The theory focuses on the metal, social or physical characteristics of the leaders.
  7. Contingency Theories:The theories were famous round 1960’s. It told that leading is not a one way practice. There is not a single method of leadership. Leadership styles are based on particular situations. It usually focuses on the environmental rather than the personal variables in leadership.  Leadership is a situational ability. In certain situation, one can be a leadership. While, on the other side, one who proved as a good leader in some particular situation, may fail to do so in other situation.

Throughout the history, people have shown their keen interest in the leadership.  Many people put forward principles and theories based on their personal experience and natural basis. Though leadership has now become an import key strategy in the businesses and organizations there have evolved many corporate and organizational theories. The term is now more in practice in the organizations. Organizations spend lot of time and money on leadership so that best leaders can be trained in a better way.

Leadership Theories Assignment Help | Leadership Homework Help

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