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Labour law or employment law is the branch of law concerned with the rights and obligations of employers and employees, with the broad aim of regulating the relations between workers, employers and trade unions at the work place and preventing the exploitation of workers. It encompasses within its ambit regulation of industrial relations like prevention of unfair labour practices, health and security of employees and their working conditions like providing minimum wages, reasonable working hours and regulating procedures for closure of industries and retrenchment and lay-off of workers. Labour law significantly makes provisions for greater participation of workers in the management of industries and provides platforms for them to negotiate with their employers. It also makes provisions for creation of institutions for dispute resolution that are sensitive to the unique nature of such disputes. Among other objectives, this branch of law seeks to secure higher levels of employment, improved working conditions, raising the standard of living of workers and providing social and economic security to them.

Social and economic development of a nation is significantly impacted by labour laws for these laws affect the rights of a group that can change the face of the industrial scenario of a nation. It is a vast area of law covering every aspect of relations between employers, employees and unions and the rights of employees at the workplace- from the contract of employment to prevention of discrimination and from legitimacy of trade unions to the extent of their participation in the various affairs at the work place.

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