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Family law is the branch of law which concerns the legal issues that families face, like marriage and divorce, adoption and custody, succession and inheritance, maintenance and alimony, etc. It is thus concerned with the regulation of various aspects of family and domestic relationships. The scope of family law is obviously very wide as for instance in case of marriage, right from the initiation of a marital union till its dissolution, family law makes provision for all aspects, like domestic violence, adoption etc. A large part of this law is statutory. Precedents, however, too play an important part. The rules of family law vary from one jurisdiction to another as an obvious consequence of the differences in the social set-ups of these jurisdictions.

The primary objective of this branch of law is to ascertain the responsibilities and rights of individuals engaged in families and domestic relationships, and of the society and the nation, towards each other, and the means of enforcing those rights.

Family law deals with issues that are of tremendous significance to the society. It has been notably referred to as the protector of what is essentially the private life of individuals as opposed to laws that regulate their public lives. Religion has a predominant role to play in family law as the various religions choose to follow their own rules with respect to the issues which family law seeks to regulate. Religious overtones may thus be visible in family law even though States are increasingly seeking to do away with certain religion prescribed rules that prejudice the interests of individuals and to bring about uniformity in the rules prescribed for different religions.

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