Criminology and Criminal Justice

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Criminal law is one of the most dynamic domains of law simply because every generation changes, modifies and updates these laws according to their requirements and preferences. Under the two forms of legal systems –civil law and common law, the application of criminal law systems will differ. But the overall objective is to use the functional legal system to seek justice for crimes. The criminology and criminal justice course that is offered at many universities, colleges and other institutes of higher education in leading education hub like UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. acquaints students with all theoretical, practical and legal issues pertaining to the legal system of any given nation. This degree is based upon application rather than theorization and gives students a broad perspective of criminal justice and the legal and operational factors that affect it. The focus is not only on the application of legal knowledge to seek criminal justice but also on the framework within which the legal proceedings are undertaken. In addition, the implication of policy measures on the theoretical aspects of criminal law and law in general are also engaged with by students. Also, students develop research skills and gain a good understanding of the social inclusion agenda.

The undergraduate honours program in criminology and criminal justice is usually 3 years long. If a student chooses to do it part time then it will be 4 years long. The course curriculum can cover a range of topics such as:

 First Year

In the first year, students may study topics like core modules on the key theoretical perspectives in the study of crime and justice; introduction to key institutions of the administration of criminal justice in the given nation; student also may have the option of changing course depending upon performance after the first year, thus allowing them to experience the core subject from different perspectives.

Second and Third Year

In the second and third year, the curriculum may include topics like important theories and institutions of the criminal justice system; research methods used in interdisciplinary fields. Students would be required to produce projects or research papers on a given or self-selected topic, depending upon the given institution’s policies.

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