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Consumer law is the branch of law which is concerned with the rights and interests of consumers. The primary focus of consumer law is on the protection of consumers against malpractices in the provision of products and services. Product and service providers are expected to act in a certain way to ensure that the interests of consumers are not hampered. Consumer law provides for the standard expected of them and the way it is to be observed. Beyond the standard provided by law, however, the product or service provider cannot be held responsible. Consumer law provides the means to consumers to make good the damage caused to them as a result of inadequate or defective products or services. Numerous legislations now make provisions for various aspects of consumer protection, for instance, Consumer Protection Acts, Sale of Goods Acts, etc. A wide variety of business transactions are legally regulated by consumer law like the quality of production, advertising of goods and services, business ethics, etc.

Consumer laws came into being in the 20th century, for the purpose of tackling the increasing concerns regarding exploitation of consumers. The principal aim of this branch of law is to ensure that fair business practices lead to fair competition in the market so that the interest of none involved is made to suffer and that the rights of consumers as well as their own responsibilities and the responsibilities of goods and service providers and their rights, to some extent, are well defined. The essential rights of consumers include the right to information about products and services, the right to make choices regarding products and services and the right to safety.

The importance of consumer law in the contemporary socio-economic setup cannot be denied and the success of goods and service providers is now becoming synonymous with their respect for consumer laws. Therefore, in order to avail cheap consumer law assignment help, send us your assignment or contact us directly for more details. We assure that you will get best quality help in consumer law assignments at a very moderate price. Assignment help in other subjects is also available at our main assignment help website.

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