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Business law is that branch of law which is concerned with business entities like companies and partnerships. Business entities play an important role in the society and significantly impact the economy of a nation. There are diverse means by which they transact which each other and with other entities in society. Law therefore steps in to define their rights and obligations with a view to protecting their interests and of those who deal with them. In fact, the very creation of businesses is governed by business law. Any transaction or phenomenon that may affect the activities of businesses is a part of business law. Business law is a vast legal discipline and encompasses within its ambit a large variety of laws like contract law, intellectual property law, securities law, employment law, to name a few.

While the terms ‘business law’ and ‘commercial law’ are often used interchangeably, certain jurisdictions do consider the two to be somewhat distinct areas of law, but nevertheless intricately connected.

Every aspect of a business is associated with legal consequences. Right from the creation to the dissolution of the business, nothing can be done in disregard of the legal principles enshrined under the area of business law.

With the ever increasing focus on the growth of the economy, particularly given the current economic scenario, business laws have come to play a uniquely significant role in the contemporary times. A business entity cannot hope to be successful without keeping itself updated with the various business laws. It also makes businesses responsible towards and accountable to the nation at large.

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