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Administrative law forms the basis for the functioning of a government and therefore is an important aspect of any law of the country. A dynamically changing world with evolving ethics and morals needs to have a complementing system of law and administration. The development of administrative law in the United States has undergone a long and arduous journey  to reach where it is at. In the early 20th century, after the incidences of the past century, the administrative legal system of the country established an elaborate system of administrative agencies, tribunals, and legal precepts. The development that had been undertaken through the decades brought the American legal system at par with the British judicial system in terms of effectiveness and relevance. The main reasons for the creation of this new arm of the law are the elementary changes and social transformation witnessed by society in throughout the previous century. The domains of society and industry became closer as urban environments became more and more populated. The changes incurred in society by the transformation experienced because of the industrial revolution, created a legal void that need to be filled with legal rules and restrictions that would demarcate the behavioral norms within it.

One can study the development of administrative from many points of view. One of the most significant of these is the economic and social perspective which has a direct influence on the creation of legal paradigms. It is one of the most potent external forces that shape and influence the creation of law systems. They also have an indirect influence on legal systems from the inside as new ways of thinking of the newer generation contest and contend the legal structures of yesteryears and change them according to understanding and convenience. Need is the most persuasive driving factor in any human actions and the same goes for the development of legal systems. Developing administrative law to subsist and substantiate present legal paradigms and general consensus amongst the public. Therefore, it is an outcome of the social necessity created by the changing social environment.

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