Java Programming

Java Programming

java programming

Java is a programming language which enables the programmers to write computer instructions. These instructions English based commands. Java was developed from Oak.  A team lead by James Gosling in 1991 developed a programming language for Sun Microsystems set top box project and handled devices such as mobile phones and later on this Oak language evolved as Java. Oak became unsuccessful, that’s why in 1995 Sun Microsystems named it Java with modifications in order to benefit from the growing WWW. Publically it was first released in 1995. Today, this language is widely accepted and is used in creating Internet applications and various other types of softwares. Oracle is the owner of Java.  Java became popular as it is fast, secure and reliable. Java programming has been used everywhere such as game consoles, scientific supercomputers, cell phones, internet, datacenters etc.

Java is an object oriented language. It is similar to C++. Java source code files are compiled into Bytecode files with a .class extension. This is then executed by a Java interpreter. The bytecode is also utilized and converted into machine language instructions with the help ofjust in time compiler (JIT). The bytecodesare executed by Java Virtual Machine.  Java is the ability to run on all the operating systems including Windows, Macintosh UNIX etc. because of Java interpreters and runtime environments, the Java Virtual Machines. Java is a general purpose high level programming language. Java is comprised of many rules instructions determination, known as syntax.  It is best suited for use WWW. A program is first written, after it the high level instructions are translated in to the numeric codes. The computer understands and executes these codes.

Though java was developed for digital mobile devices. But when it was publically released in 1996, it shifted it main concern from phones to internet. Java is now a successful language which is used both on and off internet. The language is being used in developing small application modules or applets. These applets are used as part of a web page. Java is platform independent which makes it more usable as it can be run on many different types of computers. Java is run on all the types of computers with help of JRE which is now available for every type of computer. Java programs are objects. These objects are programming elements. Java is also used in many mobile operating systems such Bada, Symbian OS. It has also been implemented for Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Maemo, Meego adn Android.

Java was basically dependant on C++ which is a powerful language. But after the development, it was found that there are too many complexity with the syntax and also not sufficient of Java requirements. So Java went through many modifications and came up as a simple to access programming language. Its object orientation concept was developed in order to reduce fatal errors which may be due to programmer mistakes. Java is most secure language till now. It was developed with highly focusing on the security as it was designed for mobile devices where data exchange would take place over the networks.