ISYS 2412 Business Reflection Paper on Shopping Centre

ISYS 2412 Business Reflection Paper on Shopping Centre

Business Reflection Paper on Shopping Centre

Eva is a character who loves to stay at home and enjoy a silent life on her own. She has created a world of her own and she is very comfortable living that way. For her friends are all in the virtual internet world and she would anyway prefer to read books and more books rather than going out on a party clubbing. She wants everything nearby and technology is her best friend getting her the required access to the people and things she loves. She would love to talk to people but only through internet. She weaves her dreams around the books and the characters around it are her friends. She loves to watch Korean dramas. She is basically an introvert who prefers to live in a cocoon that she has built for herself. Even the outings for her are a lonely affair where she would like to spend some time along dwelling on her thoughts and keep time for herself. Her behaviour and activities are something that is deeply influenced by the books that she reads and she would always prefer to have a peaceful life far away from the busy ramblings of the city life that many of her friends like. She has created a set of her own friends through books and the dramas that she watches and rarely has someone who is to be said as her best friend in the real life. In short we can say that she lives a life that personifies the world that she has created for herself around books, serials and virtual friends.

On the other hand Nancy is an outdoor girl who loves to hang out with friends and believes that life is short and needs to be lived in its full fervour. She would love to hang out with friends, try new things in life and probably do something that she has never done before. For her life is a celebration and every moment is something that needs to add life to it. She would love to shop till she drops, try out new dresses, and watch a match. She has developed a thing for exploring new things like visiting art galleries to get a glance at the masterpiece, spend some quite time for her in the beach and probably have some good food outside. She loves to do little things that might look silly to some but matters a lot to her. She believes in this little happiness in life that would make her life a grand celebration of sorts. She believes in the dynamicity of life and would like to live the life the way it comes and doesn’t like it be a routine that need to be followed. She is the life in any group and comes up with random plans to make the group lively. In short we may say that she is the one girl who live life on her own terms not dictated by any routine and would like to have it different every other day.

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Ideas for increasing the number of customers of the shopping centre:

Charging Problem: There has to be temporary charging spots at common areas in the mall, there should be portable adaptors at booths and other shops that would let the customers charge while they are shopping. Signboards to guide the customers at the entrance for easy access of these chargers

Inconvenient Toilet: Sign boards to provide easy access to the toilets, provide more privacy to the customers but not having any shops nearby may be have an alternate toilet in the premises, maintain the cleanliness of the toilets

Food: Separate food court to be set up for better customer service, Provide small kiosk type outlets outside the shopping mall for customers to have an easy snack, tie up with major restaurant chains to deliver food on call and advertise the same across the mall.

Space in between: design pathways that lead to main stores less congested, probably have an additional floor built in, have only those shops that are relevant to the positioning of the mall, avoid any way side sales of the products, direct the mall traffic by means of signboards. Provide seating areas for the customers outside and also at various shops.

Children playground: Children playground to be located outside the mall, caretakers to take care of the kids when their parents go out for shopping, have paid games for the children so as to add on to the revenue tax, organise various events around the playground that will increase the promotion of the outlet, have various stores like ice-cream store etc. that would attract the kids.

Transport: provide cab pick and drop during late evenings, tie up with transport companies in providing transport to the customers from all major parts of the city, delivery of the good purchased at home, prepaid counters to be set for easy access of transport mechanism, have a large parking space and may be arrange valet parking for the customers.

Entertainment: Have regular events that would let the customers participate, invite the regular customers through mailers, promotional events to be conducted in the common space, have a mall based radio to publicize the same, High profile events to be conducted once in a month to attract the crowd, loyalty based promotions to reward the customers for visiting the mall multiple times, arrange for the launch of any new product, have kid specific programs to attract the family audience

Storage: Pets and baggage counter to be placed outside the mall, easy access by means of signboards and at all the entrances of the building; both the counters should be placed nearby so that the customers will have easy access to them.

Information: Signboards to be kept, electronic kiosks to be set up guide to the store, mall based radio announcing the new schemes, collect the database of the customers to intimate them about the new promotional offers, loyalty program for the customers who has visited multiple times, easily accessible security personnel to guide the customers to different shops