How can you Improve Working Performance

How can you Improve Working Performance

Values and principles will be influencing performance for work in the health and social care sector. Taking into consideration the fact that this type of profession will require me to interact with various types of individuals, it is very essential for me as a health care worker to have absolute awareness of my personal values. It has been observed that in the present circumstances, there are various health care workers who are disregarding the significance of personal values and that is the reason why majority of the issues that are occurring presently are factors in regard of disjointed as well as substandard care.

How can you Improve working Performance

To be aware of my personal values will be contributing a lot in the development of my qualities, social skills as well as for working in the health and social care sector as well. For instance, I believe that being honest not only will make me a better individual but it will also assist me in improving myself as well as gaining the trust of other individuals. Possessing good conduct as well as equal treatment for all will also support me in treating the clients in a better way, particularly those having special requirements. Also, I am having better spiritual values that will be guiding me in accepting the religious beliefs of other individuals and show them proper respect.

Possessing common organisational values will surely unite the team by setting aside the differences since it depends on the kinds of values that I am possessing that will be contributing to my workplace either in a positive way or negative way.

Based on the above scenario, I need to focus on certain general crisis situations that are commonly faced by the staffs such as miscommunication, misinterpretation as well as conflicting ideas. Therefore, before initiating with the implementation of goals, awareness of personal values and principles is needed and a plan should be prepared for implementation.

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How personal culture and experience influence your role in supporting clients and colleagues in your work place.

I personally believe that quality is always important than quantity. In respect of giving care to my clients as a health care worker, I always ensure that during my interaction with the clients, each and every moment I will be focusing on the welfare of the client and not just spend the hours in an idle manner and make sure that the general requirements are given since every aspect of the client should be taken into consideration. There are the formations of new experiences every day that will be influencing my role to support clients as well as colleagues in the place of work.

My personal culture and values have taught me to have very strong family bonds. I also like to treat my friends as a part of my extended family. This is the reason why, I have the ability in creating friendship instantly and considered to have flexibility for easily blending with others. At my workplace, as a health care worker I have come in contact with various kinds of individuals having different cultural backgrounds that includes foreigners as well, but the cultural difference never ever did become a matter for concern.

In respect of my workplace, cultural values are very common in our team that comprises of health care workers that are providing overall care to the clients. It is one major aspect where we all focus and work dedicatedly as because we have an awareness of the fact that due to factors such as overloading of work, proper care is not delivered to the client. Because of having a united goal, we have been successful in delivering our work as a team and overcome the flaws related to care if there was any that existed at the workplace.

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