Importance of Classroom Management

Importance of Classroom Management

Importance of Classroom Management

The setup of the classroom or the classroom management is considered as the most important aspect that helps in creating a good learning environment by providing support to both learning and teaching. The behavior issues of the students can be prevented through the physical atmosphere of the classroom that helps in the improvement and promotion of learning. The foundation or the well-maintained structure of the learning environment is necessary for both the students and the teachers.

Various studies have been conducted on this which shows that the behavior of the teacher and the students can be affected from the physical arrangement of the classroom. The well-designed plan of the classroom management has the ability in the improvement of the behavior and the learning. For creating the safe and supportive environment in the ideal classroom management, the arrangement of your things matters a lot. A good and supportive environment creates a good or a bad day.

The physical learning foundation for students is your classroom arrangement. It is very important to consider the pattern of siting, student’s movements, and classroom atmosphere, the addressing of the social, academic and emotional needs of the students along with the spatial classroom structure. The physical classroom arrangement should reflect the consistency and the reflection created by all learners. It is also important to consider the physical arrangement of the classroom by fulfilling the need of the classroom environment including classroom activities and other activities.

Importance of classroom managementThere are several benefits of a Well-Designed Classroom. A study have been conducted which shows that well-designed classroom can easily boost the performance of the students up to 25%. This means that the design of the classroom creates a significant impact on the performance of the students. It is very important to have a well thought and clear designs of the classroom due to certain reasons, including:

A. Teaching methodologies for a Multiage Classroom

According to the situation and the location of the classroom, students learn about the behavior that could be acceptable. For instance, in the places like library, students should be quiet and at the playing area, they are allowed to talk and shout in their own manner. Students should learn predict the locations at which they can perform the particular activity.

1Students should learn that how to respect the boundaries. They should know about the boundaries of their personal desk and the areas reserved for teachers.

2. If the classroom materials are well-organized, then the students could be able to recover quickly and decrease the unwanted behavior.

3. The well-settled arrangement of the room provides good learning environment which increases the possibility of more student’s prosperity.

B. Classroom arrangement–It is important to ask several questions, when you are planning to arrange your classroom setup. These questions include:

1. What type of information should a student knows? It is important for each and every student to know about the assignment dates and classroom procedures importantly.

2. What will become inspiration for the students each and every day? A student should always consider the posters and quotations hanging in the classroom, classroom awards to more good similarly and everyday heroes.

3. What educational output do students need? Every student should know about the purposeful posters, literacy resources, bulletin boards and Word walls.

4. How can I structure the desks? In a classroom, when there are activities that requires the focus of the teacher on the students, then the desks should be arranged in small clusters that is facing the front of the classroom. But when there are activities that needs the attention of each and every students of the classroom, then desks should be arranged by putting them in to the groups or the semicircles for the better collaboration with one another.

There are many other similar questions which allow a person to have a proper classroom management. This structure of the questions is important in an effective learning environment.

C. Essential Areas–There are certain areas that are must in every classroom, whether it is, a group instruction area, a home base, and transition space or teacher workstation. Under mentioned steps will help you in arranging these specific areas.

1. Home Base–Each and every student requires their separate space which they can call their own. Whether it is the entire table or the particular space of the table, every student needs something in classroom which they can consider like their home. This space is required to have some independent work done. There are two factors which need to be considering that which space can be made as home base including the size of the classroom and the behavior issues of the students.

2. Group Instructions–In a classroom, it is important for the student to decide where their group learning will take place. Every student can consider two spaces including the carpet sitting where they can get their messy work done by using different art materials or the desks sitting in circle or rows where they can work independently by siting in small groups. Each of these areas are for the students so that they can put their learning technology or materials over here. This process could be easily accessible to each and every student.

Importance of classroom management3. Dedicated Teacher Area–Along with the student, teachers should also keep their own place in the classroom. This space should be near the main outlet where a computer can be accessed or some space that is completely out of the way, but in situation, students can have the access over the space. It can also be near the window space with the small desk or table kept in the side or corner of the classroom. This space can be easily considered as the out of the way and easy to access.

4. Transition Area–To wait for the next activity, a separate space or area is required which can be known as transition area. It is a specific area like the carpet where students can go and wait for the next activity to happen, or the art place or gym area. It is also known as the home base for the students. Depending upon the need and the age of the students, exact location of these spaces are decided. It is also important for every student to know the place where they can go during the transition periods. The specific classroom features plays a very important role in defining what students are exactly learning.


A research has been conducted which shows that the students are getting benefits from the well-structured and well-designed classroom. It is important to rearrange the classroom setting, if the students are struggling with the designs of the classroom.