Importance of Case Study in Education

Importance of Case Study in Education

What is a case study?Case study is a research method which allows a person to understand why and how to investigate questions. Here, researcher has no control over variables especially in the situations when the case is current. In a studied case, there are many factors that affect the phenomenon and can be described only by the case study. In educational research, case study can be used for many purposes as it allows the capacity to describe different factors and interaction with each other in real contexts. It offers various learning opportunities and experiences by influencing different practice of theories.


For researchers, it is considered as the valuable data source in terms of diversity and complexity of educational purposes and settings. It plays a significant role in putting theories into the regular practice. It is always important for the student to understand the clarity in nature and focus of case study.

Important fact – Case study research method helps in the investigation of educational settings by offering suggestions for practice to the researchers.


Why Use Cases?Most of the students are beginners rather than balanced reasoners. It results in the better learning with examples when compared with the basic principles like logical development. Therefore, the use of case studies makes it an effective classroom technique.

Why to use case studiesGenerally, case studies are used in law schools, business schools, social sciences and medical schools. But when the instructors try to apply it in the real world situations, it can be used in various disciplines. There are different formats of case studies ranges from simple questions to detailed description of situation by accompanying the data analysis. These questions can be like, “What would you do in such situation?” It is completely dependent on your course objective.

Most of the case assignments expect to get answers with an open-ended question and some require open-ended problem with multiple potential solutions. It mainly ranges from one-paragraph answer to full developed and group action plan, decision or proposal.


What are the Common Case Elements?Most of the full blown cases contains elements including a description of the problem’s context (an industry, law or a family), supporting data that mainly ranges from data tables to quoted statements, link to URL’s, supporting documents, testimony, audio, video or images.

Important fact – The assignments of case studies can be done in group and individually so that students can find the solutions easily and reduce their work load.


What are the benefits of using case studies in class?Case studies are proved very beneficial to the students especially when they are used inside the classroom. Students can actively engage in finding out the principles by abstracting from the examples. Moreover, they can develop skills like problem solving, coping with ambiguities, analytical/ quantitative/qualitative tools depending on the case and decision making in complex situations.


What is the scope of case studies?A business person can also invest in case studies to increase their conversions. This will helps in producing and generating communication and interaction with the customers. They are highly effective as it comes in the form of stories. In a business, your shared stories create pictures through imaginations; evoke emotions and helps in providing a sticky power to your presentation.

Important fact – Three major parts of a case study consider starting with a problem, outline different available solutions, offer proven results exhibits that the product/service is a optimal solution for the problem.


Why Case Studies are Important?There are some reasons which define the importance of case studies like:

1. Niche-Specific –Case studies are often considered as targeted and niche-specific. It results in providing assurance to the case studies with the target market or goals. There are very less chances if the case study will miss the relevance mark.

2. Position your subject as Authoritative –Sometime, factual claims and statistics are less trusted. Case studies are built on the basis of researched conclusions which will help you to prove your subject authoritative. The production of insightful and thought provoking case studies helps you to become leader in your niche or subject.

3. Explain How Problems are solved –Case studies are centered towards a problem and a solution. As it is completely based on the stories or situations, you can easily analyze the solution of the problem mentioned in the study. Case studies are the experimented form, therefore generates the solutions and answers. Moreover, it serves as the foundation for the “why”.

4. Provide Social proof –In terms of proof, customers have become demanding in this technology age. Solutions in a case study are always based on the face value. With the evolvement of internet and social media, customers can easily access information and additional resources. A research has been conducted which shows that more than half of the students got success in their education or academics.

5. Lead to Spinoff Content –Due to the time commitment, most of the case studies are limited in content. They are more efficient due to its high efficiency. After publishing a case study, you can then hone in on specific takeaways and use them as framework for spinoff content. This type of content took the form of newsletters, podcasts, blog post or video features.

6. Maximizing your Case Study Conversions –Case studies almost take months or weeks to develop. It is completed dependent on the data you are using, the source you are using it from, method of putting it together, creating a valuable case study in extreme intensive process. The creation and publishing of case study is not enough. It is also important to experience high returns and positive results.

Maximize your case study conversionsWhat are the tips of using case studies in class?Various applications suggest that case study helps in the establishment of a framework for the better analysis. It would be helpful for the students if the case would provide information to the students to find the solution and to identify the application of those solutions in the similar situations. It is important for the instructors to choose several cases by the students for the identification of the differences and similarities among the cases used in the classroom.


An instructor should encourage students for following systematic approach in their analysis, but it is completely dependent on the objective of the course. For instance, it includes the questions based on the issues, goal and requirement of analysis, context of the problem, key facts to be considered, alternatives available to the decision makers, recommendations and the related reasons.


In the case analysis, an innovative approach suggests the role of the students with the part of people that are involved in the case. This will highly engage the students by forcing them to understand different perspectives of the characters of the case. Sometimes, the field trips and the videos can show the venue defined by the case and help students to visualize the situations that is important to analyze.


Case studies act highly effective if they are paired with some reading assignment by introducing or explaining the concept of analytical method applied to the case. During the case discussion, the importance is placed on the use of reading which is dependent on the complexities of method or the concept. If it is direct, then the focus of the discussion can be placed on the use of analytical results. In some case, the method is complex. Therefore, the instructor is required to influence and guide students through the interpretation and application of the results.


How to lead the discussion and evaluate performance?A research has been conducted which shows that the decision cases are more interesting than the descriptive ones. To start the discussion in the classroom, an instructor can easily start with the non-controversial question so that the students can answer readily. However, most of the discussion starts by forcing and influencing students to take a stand. There are some instructors who can ask students to do a formal open of the case by outlining the entire analysis while the other instructors chooses the discussion with the question to find the solutions of the problems.


To motivate the students for the completion of the assignment before their class and to stimulate the attentiveness of the students during their class allows the students to grade their participation with the quality and the quantity during the case discussion. It is important for the instructor to use possible and multiple students at a time. The large number of student’s engagement enables the instructors to divide them into groups by providing several minutes for the discussion in answering a question related to the case and let them ask to present the reasoning and answer of the group.


Here is the conclusion of the article which states that the case study plays a significant role in the education system for the students. Above mentioned are some factors which will help you in analyzing the use of the case study. If you still have any query, feel free to contact at

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