HRM at National Australian Bank Assignment

HRM at National Australian Bank Assignment

This HRM at National Australian Bank Assignment help is brief review for Work Culture NAB and Human Resource Activity. 


National Australia Bank Ltd. is one of the largest financial institutions in Australia. It has a presence in more than 57 countries all around the world. It has got a large customer base in Australia and around the world. It deals with all sorts of financial product catering to customers from all segments of the society.


The mission statement of the company is as follows: -

'To offer excellent, proactive banking services to niche markets all around the world and providing at the same time, cost-effective and reactive services to others in our role as a bank, and also meeting the requirements of our clients'


The company vision is to become the first choice bank for the people in Australia.

HRM National Australian Bank Assignment

Work Culture in NAB

Common Practices Followed

  • Display the working hours and strictly follow them.
  • Customers who are present in the bank after closing time should be attended to.
  • Separate counters for enquiry to be provided at the start of the bank
  • Notify if there is some modification in interest rates of deposits and loans.
  • The contacts of senior officials and heads of the bank to be displayed in the branch (Laurent, 1986).

HR Policies

The national Australia Bank Ltd. is committed to serving the people of the society by addressing their banking needs and providing them with banking solutions suiting their needs and most importantly keeping in mind the convenience of the customer. We identify that the progressive administration of our people means,encouraging the employees to give in their best and work to their maximum potential and rewarding them from time to time to keep them motivated. The Bank wants to be renowned as "the employer of choice" in the banking industry and other banks should consider the bank to be the benchmark of all the practices and should follow these practices to improve their operations management and productivity.

The main objective of the HR department at the bank will be to enable the employees with the necessary skills and tools so that they give in their best to the bank and perform to their best and enable the bank to reach greater heights so that it becomes the most preferred bank in Australia.

Human Resource Management Department

The role of the Human Resource Department in the bank is to ensure that the employees feel at home when working in the bank. It ensures that employees can concentrate fully on their work and also help others in their work. The human resource department in the bank also ensures that the new joinees joiningthe bank are on boarded with ease and are trained well in the banks processes.


  • To be the guardian of all the policies related to the banks operations and other fields. The human resource department also needs to ensure that any changes to the HR policies in the bank are first to be approved by the human resource department and then they are to be communicated to the employees to make them aware of the same(Fombrun, 1984).
  • The human resource department is expected to review the HR policies from time to time and communicate to the employees in case they are changed sometime later. They should ensure transparency in their dealings.
  • To organize trainings for the employees and constantly work on improving the skillset of the employees so that they can contribute more effectively to the performance of the bank.
  • To review regularly the bank’s strategies in the long run and communicate the same to the employees so that the employees are aligned to the long term goals of the bank.
  • To regularly organize trainings, recruitment and other performance management activities so as to keep the employees and the management at the bank engaged.
  • To provide undue support to the other departments to carry out their day to day work in complete co-operation from the employees and the management.

Employment Equality Policy

This policy at the bank ensures that there are no biases that are observed in the bank and each and every employee is provided with equal opportunity to perform. The promotions and appraisals are strictly on the basis of merit. This policy also ensures that there is no discrimination against any person in the bank and all employees are treated fairly.

HR Management Activities at NAB

A primary survey was conducted with one of the managers at the bank on the basis of the questionnaire provided in the Appendix section of this report. The following findings regarding different HR functions were observed.

HRM National Australian Bank Assignment


The recruitment policy at the bank clearly states that the bank will be fair in all its dealings. The bank will not hold personal biases while recruiting or promoting people. The candidates will be required to go through an elaborate process which shall be communicated at the time of the publication of the vacancy. The process will be highly objective and transparent. The offers and the terms and conditions shall be communicated in the beginning itself and they will not be deviated from. For people who are handicapped, they will be equal consideration for them as and when the vacancies arise. The evaluations will be strictly based on merit, with no place for personal recommendations or anything.


  • The selection interviews shall be based strictly on merit and will be objective in nature.
  • Both men and women will be present on the selection panel to avoid any untoward situations.
  • The bank shall observe fairness in all its dealings.
  • The bank and the selection panel will not hold any pre-conceived notions against any application on the basis of sex or caste (Gelade, 2003). For example, women are expected to go on a long leave once they are expecting. Considering this fact, recruitment of women employees will not be done. Assumptions and policies like this will not be encouraged in the Australian National Bank.
  • The complete set of requirements for the job should be communicated in the advertisement for vacancy.
  • Unwanted and irrelevant information from the client will not be sought unless and until it is required as part of the vacancy specified in the bank.


The requests with respect to transfers and placement of the employees would be considered only in case of genuine cases. The bank reserves the right to transfer or place the employees in the location the feel like to drive business growth. However in cases where the employees have personal reasons and valid reasons to refuse transfer and placement at certain locations, the same will be discussed with the committee in the presence of the employee. If the reason is genuine then the employee would be asked to submit relevant documents to support his claim. Once claim is submitted, the employee needs to wait for the decision of the committee to give the final go ahead on the transfer case.

Development and Training

In any kind of job and profile, training and development are absolutely necessary. In fact the Australian National bank has certain training criteria’s that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve the promotion. These trainings are offered on need basis and also on first cum first serve basis. Only a selected few will be asked to do the trainings.The selection for these trainings will be based on the employee performance and his skill set (Baird, 1988).

However in this process some employees are bound to get left out as these training selections are performance oriented. In that case the other employees shall be given more chances to qualify for the same by giving them qualification level trainings.


Once every year the performance appraisals and evaluations shall take place. All the employees will be evaluated basis their KPI’s. Once the employees are evaluated they will be recommended for promotions of rewards whatever be the case. The promotions will be basis the internal vacancies that may arise in the bank. The applications will be invited by publishing the notice on the bulletin board at the bank. Both men and women shall eb considered valid for the post and no discrimination will happen basis the sexes.

Applicants will be assessed strictly on their merit, qualifications and current level of job performance. The selection criteria and process shall be reviewed on an yearly basis to make it more fool proof each time.

Performance Appraisal Reviews

Once every year the performance appraisals and evaluations shall take place. All the employees will be evaluated basis their KPI’s. The evaluation process shall also consider the banks equal employment policy. Thus there will not be any difference in terms of the evaluation criteria of men and women. The appraisal activities shall be carried out in a non-discriminatory manner. The employee shall be given opportunities to justify their performance in the appraisal discussions.

Family commitments shall not be considered to give undue advantage to people. The employees shall be encouraged at first to submit their own trainingand development plan. In case the employees doesn’t submit so then in that case the bank will submit the same basis the employee’s profile and job role. (Gelade, 2003).

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be defined as any recurrent or unjustified verbal or physical advances, or sexually enticing or derogatory remarks made by either a superior, a subordinate or a colleague at the workplace. The employee is free to report these kind of issues to the business management. The bank shall forma committee right away and the hearing will happen to resolve the situation at the earliest. Women and men will have equal representation on this panel so as to avoid any biases. The bank’s Grievance/Disciplinary procedure shall preside over these kind of cases as it is a neutral party.


The Internet and e-mail have fast become an indispensable part of professional life. In the banking sector, however one needs to be careful while accessing the internet. As organizations become more dependent on the internet and other tools, they also pose a serious risk of information stealing as well as virus attacks.Therefore it is important for employers to develop tough security procedures for their IT systems and also communicate clearly to the employees to avoid internet usage in office. The bank handles sensitive client information which if lost can lead to huge losses for the bank and the customer.The IT systems and infrastructure at the bank is more prone to virus attacks and leaking of sensitive customer information (Richard, 2001).

Seeing the kind of risks associated with the use of internet and personal e-mail at the bank, a clear policy needs to be fabricated which prohibits the employee from accessing personal e-mail accounts when in office. This shall ensure that the people adhere to policy set by the bank. Moreover the kind of information that the bank deals with, it is really important for the bank to safeguard it from potential hackers. In some IT companies, proxy servers are also blocked which employee often use to bypass company firewalls. The firewalls installed at the bank premises should be thick enough so that nobody can bypass them. The usage of these proxy sites can be blocked and even personal e-mail pages can be blocked by the same firewall. Internet these days drives everything. In today’s time it is difficult to expect anything to run without internet but then the bank needs to ensure the same is not misused at their end.

HR Group and Workforce

The Human Resource Strategy Group guides and helps to promote and achieve the long term strategic goal of the bank by using certain strategies related to:

  • Employee planning and recruitment
  • Compensations and Rewards

The HR Consulting & Workplace Relations Teamundertakes the review and development of policy, and provides management with expert advice and services on:

  • Industrial and employee relations,
  • Implementation of policy,
  • Organizational change, including restructuring
  • Classification review,
  • Issue resolution.

The Equity and Human Resource Business Processes Teams supports the management by providing assistance to the management while performing the following activities.

  • Recruitment and selection,
  • Managing the Human Resources at the bank
  • Development of reports related to the HR function
  • Performance management process
  • Salaries and Wages distribution
  • Department dealing with manpower planning
  • Department dealing with processing of resignations and offer letters


Human resource management is one of the most important aspects of any organization. The employees are the mainstay of the business processes in a banking organization. National Australia Bank, which is one of the biggest financial institutions in Australia, has set and established guidelines of governance. This is basically to ensure best in class client servicing and maximum profitability. The advantage of these set guidelines is with respect to the process oriented approach in the company.



Rate from 1-5 for these HR roles in an Organization HR helps the organization… accomplish business goals improve operating efficiency take care of employee’s personal needs adapt to change HR participates in… the process of defining business strategies delivering HR process improving employee commitment shaping culture change for renewal and transformation HR makes sure that… HR strategies are aligned with business strategy HR processes are efficiently administered HR policies and programs respond to the personal needs of employees HR processes and programs increase the organization’s ability to change HR effectiveness is measured by its ability to… help make strategy happen efficiently deliver HR processes help employees meet personal needs help and organization anticipate and adapt to future issues HR is seen as… a business partner an administrative expert a champion for employees a change agent HR spends time on… strategic issues operational issues listening and responding to employees supporting new behaviors for keeping the firm competitive  


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