How to Learn and Remember Things Permanently

How to Learn and Remember Things Permanently

Learn how to learn and remember things:-

Learning is the process in which person memorizes and remember things. It is an art which is very difficult to master. There are most of the people who cannot remember the events happened hour ago because they have problem with their memory. There are two hemispheres in our brain (left hemisphere, right hemisphere). The right hemisphere of the brain is known as active brain and left hemisphere of the brain is known as passive brain. The person who uses his/her right hand their left side of brain works and if they use their left hand their right side of the brain will network security. The cerebral cortex plays very important and crucial role in memory. There are very few people who can use their both hands because it difficult.

Memory is a very vast topic and there is so much to explain but I want to cover some logical reason why people forget things and events easily.

1. Listening problem:-The biggest problem why people forget thing is because they do not listen properly. People who listen properly and with full concentration are the one who will understand the information in effective manner. Listening is the part of our daily routine life and it is very difficult to survive in this world without it. Most of the people have the problem of speaking more than listening. If you don’t listen then you will not understand or misunderstand the information and this will eventually lead to the problem of remembering thing. Some people have the tendency of listening and remembering the irrelevant information which is not useful to them. By the time they try to remember important ones they realize that they forgot which could be very humiliating sometimes.

2. Poorconncentration:-  Poor concentration is another reason why people forget things very easily. Concentration is the factor which is related to memory. These two things are interrelated with each other, if you concentrate you will memorise and if you do not concentrate you will not be able to learn. That is why teacher always want a student to concentrate. Learning is also very easy if you concentrate other will you forget how to learn.  

3. Careless attitude:- carelessness also plays an important role in forgetting things randomly. It is a very big issue in today’s world. People are so careless that they forget important dates, even their birthday because they are becoming careless day by day. Some people ignore this problem but this is a big issue and need to be treated as soon as possible.

These were some major reason for why people face problem in learning. Now here are some easy tips which will help you fight the problem in learning.

1. Improve listening skills:- This is the skill which everyone wants to improve in them. This is the skill which is very less taken care off because everyone thinks that they are good in listening. So if you want to improve your listening skills you need to be attentive first of all. Second you have to practice listening by the formula of speaking less and listening. It may sound easy but it is very difficult to follow. For example if someone abuses you ignore him you don’t have to answer. In this way you will able to improve you listening skills because it is very difficult you to be calm while being abused by someone.

2. Increase concentration:- concentration is like a place where everyone wants to stay but very few able to manage. In order to increase your concentration power you have to practice it. Concentration can also be gained by practicing it with the help of games which increases concentration. Exercise can help you increasing or gaining your concentration power. There are few rehabilitation centers also which make you concentration effective. Most of the people have the problem of losing their concentration after some time which can be very irritating because then you don’t fetch the desired results. Practicing yoga can also help you increasing concentration and it is use worldwide.

3. Act carefully:- Acting careful is the technique in which you have to just act that you are observing everything and concerned about the topic or problem. If you act in this way you will progressively become careful and you start concentrating in things. It is the technique which is not written anywhere else. Sometimes acting can help you to change yourself. It is little bit inextricable but once you start it you will adopt it in your daily routine life.


The problem of forgetting thing and being oblivious is not new. Each and everyone on this earth is facing this issue in some or the other way. People take this problem lightly not knowing the fact that they may face problem in near future. But as it goes every issue has it solution. The will Empowerment is the solution of every problem if you want it you will get it.