How is College Different from High School?

How is College Different from High School?

Moving from high school to a college is not as easy as it looks. The life in college is completely different from a school life. No matter you was an excellent student or an average one in your high school; your college life is a new experience for you. The college time is the time for the students to build a foundation for their career.

Here are a number of ways in which college and high school differ. By understanding these important differences and being equipped for them will help you go through a smoother transition.

1. Class Time

In school, you spend on average 6 hours each day in class, proceeding from one class to the next. On the other hand, in the college life, you spend 12 to 16 hours in a week in class. Times are not limited to daylight hours, many classes are offered in the evening. Most times an academic year is divided into the semesters along with a week for exams after each semester.

2. Class Size

A number of students in a class of school do not have a big number of students in compare to a class of college. Generally, there are 30-40 students in a school class on the other side, classes may range in size from 20-100 students depending on the size of the college you are studying.

3. Teaching Style

In high schools, teachers present material that helps students to understand the material in the textbook, often writing information on the blackboard that is written down by students. While in the college, professors may lecture around-the-clock, give an illustration, deliver background information or discuss research about the subject you are studying but they will hardly follow the textbooks. You are expected to understand the important points and summarize it because good notes are very critical.

How is College Different from High School?

4. Time Management

In school time, your routine is generally structured by others like teachers, coaches and obviously, parents. You have to manage your own time when you are studying in a college. It is totally up to you to attend class, do your work and study. Professors may not formally take roll, but they’re still likely to know whether or not you attended, particularly at smaller colleges where they will get to know you. 

5. Studying

Students are expected to read short length assignments that are taught in class. You also may study after class about two hours. Comparatively, you are allocated a good amount of reading and writing which may not be discussed in the class. You also need to study for 2-3 hours outside of class to keep up with the course.

6. The Learning Environment

In college life, you are no longer a reflexive learner who just sits in the class and listens to lecture from a teacher. Rarely writes a letter and takes a test in which you’re expected to go over what you’ve studied or been told by the teacher. Generally, you’ll not provide any notes rather than you are expected to write down yourself what needed. In college, you are expected to voice your thoughts and have a debate with your professor, not unusual behavior. Attending classes and providing your own perspective and examination are basic factors to success in the college life.

7. Social Life

It has been very difficult for the student to manage academic and social life together. Your parents generally help you in balance these things. Now, when you are studying at a college, you can no longer rely on your parents for managing social and academic life and rules. All of these things totally depend on you. Being at college can be overwhelming socially, there are many social activities is open to you containing club events, formals, parties and dorm events. Additionally, many students go to schools in a new place, so there most time is spent in travel around new surroundings. Some students engaged in different social events that they even neglect their academics. While it is good to visit new places and take benefit of social activities, but it is important to have time to focus on your studies.

8. Culture

If you are not from a big city, most of your colleagues are a lot like you. You may come from different culture and backgrounds and have different personalities. Your friends probably have same things and share similar kind of ideas until you get to college. It is one of the best things in a college life that you will get an opportunity to get interacted with a people from a variety of cultures. Students from other city or even from another country will likely live together. You should take advantage of this outstanding multicultural environment that you might never get this chance again.

Both school and college life are important in a student’s life. Both of these has its benefits and opportunities. So, you should enjoy and utilize your school and college time.