How to Do a Good Research for Assignment?

How to Do a Good Research for Assignment?

Good Research for Assignment

A researchis a systematic, organized, investigatory inquiry about any topic, subject. Research involves scientific technological, psychological approaches to the findings. Writing a good assignment needs a thorough research on the topic.  A good assignment reflect how much an up to what extent it has been researched. Research is one of the preliminary steps involved in writing a good assignment. Almost all types of assignments such as science, law, commerce, business, arts etc need research approaches. Research for an assignment depends on subject/topic on which the assignment has to be written. The methods and the media used also relate to the research approaches depending on the assignment topics.

A good research for assignment follows a systematic approached in an organized manner. There are various steps involved in doing a good research for assignment. Doing a good research for assignment is a combined approach of many domains such as scientific and psychological expertise.  At the very first a simple hypothesis is written, including what to write, how to write. This is a simple rough draft of the assignment. Later on, with the help of the findings of the research, the rough drafting is written in an organized manner. Research can involve both soft research i.e. research online and hard research with properly documented scholarly literature.

A good research involves following steps:

  1. Topic: We should be clear about the topic. First identify/choose a topic. The topic is based on the information which is given in the class assignment. Sometimes, the students fail to understand the topic of the assignment and end up wasting time and mental efforts. So, at the initial stage, it is important what the topic is related to. Sometimes, students are assigned to select the a topic on their own. While sometimes, the teachers/professors assign the topic.
  2. Understanding the assignment: We need to evaluate and examine many things before we put our efforts in doing research for the assignment. Then the main idea in the question is to be identified which will serve as the main central theme. The better the assignment is understood, the better the research strategy will be applied.
  3. Types of Information required: Types of information required contains the data and facts which are necessarily used. It may include what to write, how much to write, what should be the writing format, language, what sources of research are required etc. The information source can be internet, any previously published research papers, encyclopaedias articles, journals, books etc.
  4. Preliminary research: A preliminary research is as important as the final research. Doing preliminary research provides a grounding, firm foundation for writing a good assignment. Preliminary research makes a framework of the research strategies according to which the further research will be preceded.  It will provide the potential concentration on the assignment.
  5. Start In depth research: Once all the above steps are followed satisfactorily, an in – depth research should be started. An in – depth research depends on the rough sketchy research material that has been prepared/obtained. The above mentioned steps serve as a germinating seed for an in - depth research.
  6. Narrow the focus: Narrowing the research focus means to go sharp in the topic. It is about being more specific about the topic. As in the rough research material, the research focus would be narrow enough to lead to any state of confusion or chaos. Narrowing includes removing away the unnecessary or less necessary information. The narrower the focus is, the clearer the research is.
  7. Access the sources: Use valid research materials. Often, students follow internet for their research strategy. The main reason being is availability and cost effectiveness. Though it fails to provide proper validation and authentication. Use proper documented academic sources, journals, published papers, articles, books. It can even be an interview with any professional expert of the field.
  8. Source Evaluation: Find out the credibility of research materials. It is an important step associated with research procedure. Check out how much the information you have gathered is reliable. There should be proper research on the data and facts that are to be included in the assignment.
  9. Organization of information: After checking the proper validation, credibility and authentication of the available research material, the information is to be organized in a systematic manner. This is the proceeding step towards the final research paper. Be sure that the research done is has brought adequate material. If the research doesn't satisfy the assignment work, revise the process again up to the optimum result.
  10. Citation and Referencing: Once the research material is finalized, then there should be proper citation and referencing of the assignment. There are various approaches, styles of referencing depending on the subject of the assignment. A proper referencing of assignment will avoid any kind of misunderstanding and even avoid the plagiarized content. With the help of citation, there will be proper acknowledgement of the author, journal, book, webpage etc.

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