Fund Accounting Assignment Help

Fund Accounting Assignment Help

Fund accounting is an accounting process. This accounting is for a portfolio of investments. These include securities, commodities real estate held in an investment fund such as a mutual find or hedge fund. Fund accounting is generally approached by the non – profits or the government organizations. It is important for these organizations to maintain the records of their cash i.e. how they spent the money, instead of how they earned it. In these organizations, the accounting records are the collections of the funds. Each of the collection of the funds has a defined purpose. These may range from expenses of operation to the funding of the various organizational activities.  In almost all the non – profit organizations, fund accounting is more used to maintain the records of the way the organization spends the money rather than knowing how the money is earned. The fund is a self – balancing set of accounts. It is segregated for some specific purposes which are done in accordance with the laws and regulations or some special restrictions and limitations. Fund accounting is also used for investment accounting, securities accounting or portfolio accounting.

In the financial systems and financial reports of the non – profit organizations and other similar bodies have to present special requirements. These special requirements include how the money is spent, instead of measuring how the money has been earned and the profit has been gained. Non-profit organizations can have more than one general ledger. It depends on their financial reporting requirements. All the profit based organizations have a single self – balancing account. In such entity system, the accountant is required to produce the reports with the details of expenditure and revenues for the individual funds of the organizations. Further, the accountant is required to show the reports which can summarize the financial activities across all of the funds of the organizations.

Fund Accounting Assignment Help

Many government agencies at local, state and federal level government bodies us fund accounting methods. The main objectives of these non – profit organizations and government bodies are to avoid to the budget deficit. In the same way, they have to provide benefit to the public with help of the recourses available. In order to manage their assets, the organizations use many fund accounting principles, including:

  • Charities
  • Hospitals
  • Private and public universities
  • Nursing homes
  • Private trusts
  • Government agencies
  • Artistic and civic foundations
  • Churches and religious institutions
  • Orphanages

Fund accounting is used to make the decisions regarding the best use of limited resources which are available to the organizations.  Fund accounting is different from the traditional business accounting system. Other traditional accounting methods focus on the generating profits. As these non – profit institutions are not profit – oriented, so fund accounting provides more appropriate methods of recording, tracking and reporting their financial activities.  With help of fund accounting, these institutions can manage the revenues which have been received.

Fund Accounting Assignment Help

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