Financial Planning Assignment Help

Financial Planning Assignment Help

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Financial planning or simply financial plan is a strategy used by the businesses for budgeting or investing. It helps the business or the individual to take required actions to achieve the set financial goals. Generally speaking, financial plan is the financial evaluation of any business or individual person’s current and future financial position. So, it helps in predicting the financial condition with help of currently known variables to predict the cash flow in future, asset values and withdrawal plans. Financial planning includes a budget which organizes finances. It further, at times, includes some specific goals for spending and savings in the coming future which has been decided.  Thus, financial plan allocates the future income to several expenses including rent or liabilities and reserves income for short – term and long – term savings. Financial planning estimates the capital which is required and determines its competition. With help of financial planning, companies plan and frame their financial policies in relation to procurement, investment and administration of funds.

financial planning assignment help

In daily life, financial planning plays a very important role. With a proper and strategic management of finances, we can achieve our life goals which can include buying a car, home or any property, future saving for our own and for kids’ educations etc. In business, financial planning involves how the business will afford to achieve its goals and objectives. A company decides it financial plans when the vision and objectives are clearly identified. The financial planning activity of any business entity includes:

  • Assessing the business environment
  • Confirming the business objectives
  • Identifying the resources required for the business objectives
  • Quantifying the resource amount such as equipments, materials, labour etc.
  • Calculating the total cost of each resources
  • Summarizing the costs for budget planning
  • Identifying any risks and issues with budgeting

Financial planning is a long –term profit planning process. It aims at greater return generation on the assets, with better market share growth. Financial planning includes three major components:

Financial planning is a simple mathematics i.e.

Financial Planning: FR + FT = FG

To prepare a financial plan is financial planning and financial plan is also referred to as capital plan.There are three types of financial plans.

  1. Short – Term Financial Plan: This financial planning is done for a year which monitors the working capital requirements of the company.
  2. Medium – Term Financial Plan: The duration of this financial planning ranges from one to five years. It looks after the assets maintenance and replacements, R&D etc.
  3. Long – Term Financial Plan: This financial planning exceeds more than five years used for long term financial goals of the company like capital structure, expansion activities etc.

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