Financial Analysis Assignment Help

Financial Analysis Assignment Help

Financial analysis is a process which can evaluate the businesses, budgets, entities and projects for the analysis purpose. Financial analysis of any project is done in order to find out the investment suitability of any business. The main purpose of financial analysis in any business is to analyze:

  • Stability of a business: Every company wants to be stable financially. For this, the company will ensure that there has to be no chance of financial failure or financial trouble.
  • Liquidity of a business: Every company has to understand its cash position. The company has to ensure the positive cash flow.
  • Solvency of a business: Company ensures that it doesn’t fold because of any debt. Company will do financial analysis for debt to create pay – off plans.
  • Profitability of a business: Company has to review the past and current profitability. With this review, it can know what should be done to increase the profitability.
  • Viability of a business: Company has to measure the long term survival. It should have the ability to sustain profits over a long time period.

Financial analysis report is prepared by the finance experts and professionals with help of the information obtained by financial statements and other such related reports. Other function of financial analysis is to extrapolate the past performance of the company into the future performance of the company. A very common approach of financial data analysis is to calculate the ratios from the data to compare against those of other companies or against the company’s own historical performances. Financial analysis is an assessment methodology used to assess the effectiveness with which the investment and debt are employed in a business firm. It utilizes funds flow analysis and financial ratios to understand the opportunities and risks which are inherent in any financial decision investment. Financial analysis involves the analysis of a business with variety of perspective so that one can fully understand the financial situation and the determination of how can strengthen the business.

Financial Analysis Assignment Help

Financial analysis looks at the financial statements of the company to recognize the health of the company. A better way to do this is by taking the help of balance sheets as balance sheets are the complete measurement of performance investigation. A quantitative financial analysis has certain limits such as the accounting methods which a certain type of business employs.

Methods of Financial Analysis:

There are many methods adopted by financial analysts to compare the financial ratios of solvency, profitability and growth.

  • Past Performance: Financial analysts use past performances as a measurement tool of financial analysis. Across a historical time periods for the same firm for example the last five years.
  • Future Performance: Future performance is used for financial analysis. Financial analysts use many historical figures with certain numerical and statistical techniques with present and future values. As the past statistics are poor predictors of future performances, so this extrapolation method is the main cause of errors in the financial analysis.
  • Comparative Performance: Financial analysts use comparative performances to compare two similar business entities.

With the help of financial analysis, companies take decision regarding their investment and lending capital. Financial analysts also employ percentage analysis. Percentage analysis involves the reduction of a series of figures as percentages of some base amount.

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