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Financial economics is an interdisciplinary course which combines topics of economics with that of finance. On the whole it is concerned with the allocation and deployment of economic resources, both spatially and across time, in an uncertain environment. The discipline concerns itself with for overall factors – time, risk, options and information. In the interplay of these four factors along with allocation of finances lies the crux of the discipline. It makes use of financial tools to examine economic situations and vice versa. Knowledge of financial systems and understanding of economic models and decision making paradigms both at the public and individual levels are used to assess financial situations and economic conditions. Students of this course are given insight into the working of financial systems with a broad economic background within which they function. They develop the ability to apply quantitative analytical skills to the financial sector. Knowledge and understanding for financial sectors in any given economy is also given to students. Exposure to data analysis and interpretation using computers and other IT systems is also given to students.

The undergraduate honours course in financial economics is usually for 3 years. If the student chooses to do it part-time then the course becomes 4 years long. While the topics of study may remain the same in all the years, their degree of intensity and level of intricacy increases with the progression of the course.  The topics which may be covered under this course are:

In all years the course curriculum would remain more or less the same, with the inclusion and exclusion of certain topics respectively. The curriculum may include introduction to economics; financial institutions and markets; quantitative techniques for financial economics; intermediate microeconomics; principles of finance; corporate finance; applied statistics and econometrics; introduction to accounting; intermediate macroeconomics; portfolio management;  financial econometrics; financial institutions and regulation; international finance.

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