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Banking and finance are two interrelating and explicitly interdependent domains of study. Both have to do with the management of money or monetary value. The combined BSc (Hons) course in Banking and Finance is a highly specialized course meant for students who wish to chart a career in monetary value management industries. There is an even mixture of banking and finance studies in this course which acquaints students with the important aspects of these professional domains and equips them with the skills and technical know-how to forge a career in them. The course involves direct application of economics to banking. Issues relating to operations, strategy, and regulation are taught to students so that they are able to proficiently manage financial situations. The focus here is on both practice and management, thus allowing students to gain specialized knowledge of the working of micro financial institutions enabling them to function at any level, whether it is technical or managerial in nature. This course is tailor-made for you if you wish to become an expert in financial fields. The cumulative knowledge of banking and finance will equip you with the knowledge and ability you need to become a professional in financial services.

The undergraduate honors course in banking and finance is usually 3 years in duration. During his tenure, students are exposed to many different aspects of banking and finance. In broad strokes, the course may include:

First Year

In the first year, students may study topics like economic foundations and behavior; economic practice and policy; macroeconomics and political economy; quantitative methods for financial business.

Second Year

In the second year, students may study topics like banking theory and practice; economic practice and policy; intermediate microeconomics; macroeconomic environment and policy.

Third Year

In the third year, course curriculum may include financial risk management in banking; money and banking stability; optional modules: business economics; business start-up; economics of industry; financial economics; international finance; labor economics; leadership and management; public and regulatory economics.

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