Essay Road Congestion Problem in Beijing

Essay Road Congestion Problem in Beijing

This Beijing Road Congestion Problem article deals with the road congestion problem that Beijing faced when the city was about to host an international Olympic event.

Beijing’s Olympic Sized Traffic Problem

The traffic problem that Beijing is facing these days has its roots in the international Olympics that the city is going to host in coming days. Beijing is going to host the international Olympics very soon and the policy makers as well the government of the city is spending tremendously on its facilities and smooth functioning. They are trying to achieve a very effective and efficient infrastructure which will help in the transport system of the city. But there are still some doubts about the adequateness of the transport facilities as well as the supporting infrastructure of the city. Though, the international committee for Olympics is quite impressed by the preparations made for it by this city but as far as traffic problems and related solutions are concerned, the committee has not been satisfied by the remedies yet. During the peak hours of the city traffic, the roads are experiencing high Road Congestion Problem. For countering these problems, the city officials are planning to spend 250 billion Yuan on constructing new roads and banning vehicles from venues of Olympics.

Beijing Road Congestion Problem

The actual city traffic situation is also adding to the problems of the Olympics Committee. The number of new cars which are being added to the road of the city is as high as 100 per day. There are around millions of commuters who are using the overcrowded bus and subway system to reach work place which itself is an accomplishment for them. The average speed of the traffic has decreased in last few years significantly and the scene of traffic congestion on the city roads has become quite common these days.  Due to all these problems, Beijing has lost 10 ranks in quality of life index of Chinese city recently. The city mayor has said the contradiction between development and constructions and traffic management is the biggest problem the city is facing right now.

The experts have also given their views about this city’s problems. The academicians have said that though the Olympic is a temporary thing, but the real traffic problem cannot be solved only by building more roads. The Beijing Government is trying to do exactly so by constructing thousands of kilometers of new roads. The academicians and practitioners have proposed a more compact transportation network as the solution. They are saying that making new roads and expanding the city is making people stay far away from business centers and causing them to buy more cars to travel. [Learn about Social Group Management.]

The policy makers of the city may implement several measures for doing away with these problems. They have to assume a more balanced approach for tackling the problem. Their aim should be having a long term solution instead of short term solutions only meant for smooth organization of the Olympics. Investments should be directed towards development of better public transport services, reduction of the usage of private cars and subsequently increasing the usage of public transport which will ultimately help in the reduction congestion on roads. At the helm of the problems there is the issue of a continuously increasing ring roads and expansion of suburban area in city which is actually fueling the problem by increasing distance between residential areas and city centers. This has to be done away with immediately by the Government.[Read about Supply Chain Management Benefits Assignment]

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