Essay Assignment : Personal Development Plan

Essay Assignment : Personal Development Plan

This Personal Development plan assignment isaessayingthe planning for personal development.

Personal development is very necessary in order to achieve my targeted goals, be it in professional or personal life.  Personal development needs planning which includes working on both the technical or academic skills as well as on soft and interpersonal skills. As currently am pursuing B.A.  It is probable that I would be employed by in majorly sectors like IT, banks, insurance, and educational institutes.  With so many options available for me in the future, I need to develop both my technical as well as my interpersonal skills to make the most of this opportunity. Studying and getting a higher degree like MSc or MBA will be my first step towards personal development.

Getting a higher degree of MSc is imperative as it gives a better understanding and an in-depth knowledge of the technical field currently I am in. Through its various summer internships and on field courses it will give me hands-on experience and a better understanding of the work.  MSc degree from a renowned college will open up doors of big multinationals as well as foreign brands for me. Also getting a job in abroad will become easy once I get a tag of a PG from a good college.

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The MBA degree will give me an additional advantage as it would help me in having a managerial perspective and would also help a lot if I decide to open my own business. The various subjects covered by these courses would give me an exposure to plethora of knowledge and a generalist view as they cover subjects like Economics, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operational Management, and General Administration.  MBA degree will help me more with the practical knowledge about the work and give me a feel of the corporate working environment. It will also develop my soft skills which would teach me how to work in a team, gel up with new and different people, manage them and get work done from them. A higher education degree would also broaden the scope apart from the IT and Bank sectors to hospitality, healthcare, food, agricultural industries as well. I can also give UPSC or the Indian Statistical Services examinations and work for the Central Government, public sector or some  pharmaceutical company.

Apart from this academic development it is very necessary to develop ones personality as it is rightly said that First impression is the Last impression.Today’s employers do not seek students who are good with marks only but want someone with strong and charismatic overall personality. Thus, to come up to the expectations and demands of the present need,   I would work on improving my communication skills and grammar for which I would read a lot of good novels. I have decided to read not only fictional but autobiographies of successful people. It would keep me motivated and develop optimism in me. Reading good books on various subjects also increases the knowledge about various things around you and helps you develop a perspective and opinion about them. Such things prove helpful when we face some group discussion or a job interview. I would also read newspaper daily and keep myself updated on current topics of politics, sports, economy, business and technology which would again help me in both the interviews as well as in higher exams like CAT or UPSC if I give any.

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In order to work on my soft skills and confidence I would work on my extra-curriculums and participate in my college fests. I would become a part of the organizing committee which would give me a real time experience as on how to deal and manage team, and co-ordinate events. I am sure it would bring out the creative side of me and would give me exposure to deal with crisis management on a real time basis. I would participate more in events like campaigning which involves addressing the masses as it would help in developing my communication skills and building up my confidence to approach a stranger and pitch my idea to him. Talking and working with different people will definitely help me judge myself as to where I stand and then I would work upon to build upon my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. I would also work hard during my Graduate Training Programs as these give an exposure and understanding of what we are actually going to face when we work. They also give an understanding of what all fields are available for an individual based on his present subjects, performance and interests and thus help you to decide on your future interests and goals.

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Once I get recruited, I would initially like to get involved with technical work and apply in real whatever I have learnt so far. After 1-2 years, once I get the proper understanding of my work, job role and responsibilities, I would want to be a project manager. Thus developing my personality would be a balance of both gaining an academic excellence as well as developing my interpersonal skills. I would focus on both my technical as well as managerial skills. The technical skills would help me right after I complete my studies when I join a job to outperform others in the core field that I have taken up. Achieve my near future goals. After 2-3 years of work experience when I would get a higher position in the company then would come the importance of the managerial skills because it is then when I actually have to manage a team under me, delegate tasks and make sure that the projects am responsible for get completed on time. Also getting both the technical and managerial knowledge would be really helpful if I decide on to start on my own venture. My technical expertise would lay the foundation of my core business model and the managerial skills would help me dealing with my various stakeholders like customers, vendors, employees and shareholders. As in a personal business all the decisions from the day one would be mine, so here would come the importance of the managerial skills that I would gather from MBA and extracurricular activities of the college. It would also help me to make better business decisions based on the subject knowledge from the PG course and through my practical experience from the various college activities. I would take up foreign language course which are very helpful now a days as most of the big companies are global whose clients are from all over the world. This will help me to interact and understand the needs of the clients all across the world. Thus, first concentrating and getting a technical degree will help me decide my interest and then developing the managerial skills will help me to apply whatever I have learnt to the real situations.

Thus to compete with the cut throat competition of today’s world I would need to develop both my technical as well as my managerial skills which would leverage my capabilities and strengths and help me make the best of all the opportunities that I get.


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