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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is often regarded as that branch of engineering that mainly deals with the study of electrical components that is the components that require electricity to operate. Some people often confuse electrical engineering with electronics engineering, but this is not true. Actually the thing is that earlier we used to have electronics as one of the sub branch of electrical engineering. But, now electrical and electronics are the two important disciplines of engineering and should not be taken as one. But there are some areas where these two branches can overlap. The main area of difference between electrical and electronics engineering is that the former is basically the study of transmission of electric power with the help of electricity while later is the study of the methods that are used to process information using electricity.

The most important fact about electrical engineering is that this is the only discipline of engineering which requires a lot of knowledge pertaining to other subjects like math, science, and programming. So, a degree in this discipline of engineering will also help you in mastering the knowledge of the subjects that are mentioned above. Electrical engineering is often regarded as one of the toughest disciplines of engineering but this is not true. The main thing is that this is the only branch of engineering that requires some painful efforts in order to master the concepts. Due to the lack of these painful efforts, students are not able to master the concepts and they think that this is the toughest branch of engineering. But truly speaking, this is one of the simplest disciplines of engineering.

  • Mechanical Industry: There is a lot of demand of electrical engineers in mechanical industry. Apart from designing of new machines, there are certain power related works which require engineers from electrical background.
  • Energy sectors: This is the most prominent area where we can see the application of electrical engineers. In this area, each project requires the skills of an electrical engineer. They are basically responsible for proper management of a project.

There are other areas like utilities sector, pharmaceutical sectors, manufacturing sectors and many more where we can see the application of skills of an electrical engineer.

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