Empowering Aboriginal People Through Nursing

Empowering Aboriginal People Through Nursing

 Over the years aboriginal people have lead a physically and psychologically downgraded form of quality of life. They were subjugated by lack of education, financial resources, employment and guidance from other strata’s of society. This resulted in a very debilitating physical and mental health status of aboriginal population.There are some surveys conducted by various credible health organizations which indicates that in comparison to average of entire Australia indigenous population have a much higher percentage of risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiac disorders, high cholesterol levels and hypertension, mental diseases like psychosis, depression and schizophrenia, substance abuse and alcohol related mental disorders. With such a long history of higher probability of diseases in combination with lack of any improvisation chances it is inevitable that such community will be less powered and they would have no role in making any decisions about their health care facilities and plans. Nurses can play very active role in empowerment of aboriginal population by educating them and making them aware that they are an equal citizen of the country and they are entitled to a world class level of education and health care facility. Nurses can also enhance the empowerment level of entire families by empowering women and increasing their level of awareness. Education and empowerment of aboriginal women is very important for this uplifting because in majority of families women are the individual who decides which type of education to be provided to the children and how to take care of their daily activities and nutrition.  An educated woman can empower the men of the family to take interest in local affairs and improvise the presentation of community in local forums.

Nurses are also known for their impact on the elderly people of the community and they can be influenced to make some grass root level decisions like making it mandatory in the community to provide primary education to each children or making it compulsory for each member to cast vote in elections. These methods can also empower the community as they will be able to choose leaders who are making policy towards health care and betterment of the community In a pro active manner.

Another aspect which can be taken care by nursing professionals is providing a accurate and real situational report to the higher authorities in government and point out the areas where immediate attention is required. With the help of nurse’s report and data government can make more focused and effective decisions which will help in empowering the status of the community members. Empowerment is required at the base level in this case because some problems are caused because of the deeply rooted taboos and misconceptions.

It is discussed in the report that how nurse’s can play a very vital and active role in enhancing the health status of the indigenous community. It is to be understood here that indigenous community is still evolving to become a member of the main stream society and slowly they are coming out of their rooted traditions and taboos. This entire process of evolution and improvement would be slow in nature and it takes a lot of patience from the nursing professional to deal with the problems of indigenous population. Entire concept of improving health of indigenous population by community nursing is a procedure with step by step forward movement. A nurse has to first establish credibility in the community and gain trust of the members. This can be done by demonstrating them the impact of health care efforts on the society and then slowly they can turn around from the customs they are following for centuries. Women are to be focused specially while educating and empowering because an educated women can improve the entire generations by providing proper education and awareness among newly borne.  Problems like drug abuse and alcoholism among youth can also be tackled by providing them proper education and a better employment opportunities. It is observed in the research that empowerment of the community is also required and it can be achieved by nurse’s efforts as well as they are acting as a bridge between the community and government agencies.

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