Employee Performance Management

Employee Performance Management

Employee Performance Management

Some of the useful tools which can be used in order to manage the employees and making them more efficient would review their performance and manage their work schedule in such a manner that each employee can make best utilization of their time and enhance his work efficiency. These tools are self automated and does not require any human intervention in order to manage the employee work performance. Employee work performance tools would help them to schedule their work, making list of important tasks and appointments, would manage their key performance areas, and would remember their targets and goals to be achieved along with stated timeline.

Orange HRM

Orange HRM is a web based tool which is now a day commonly used in order to manage the employee work performance and has proved quiet efficient in many organisations. There are two flavors in which Orange HRM is available into marketplace, one is open or free source version of Orange HRM and other version of the Orange HRM is the Cloud based version. There are several modules built in the Orange HRM such as the employee performance module, schedule management and KRA management. These sections of Orange HRM are helpful for employees in order to set each key responsibility area of their work into a scorecard format. Each employee can assess himself at any point of time based on this scorecard and compare his performance from other employees. It is also helpful for the management to measure the performance of employees based on this scorecard and reward them in order to motivate the employees. In addition to employee performance review orange HRM tool can be helpful for management in order to check the schedule and working style of the employees so that they can make recommendations and ask them for change as per the management directives. This tool for employee management would be quiet beneficial as it meet all the efficiency criteria set for the employee management tools such as the price for Orange HRM tool is reasonable and come with trial version so that management can implement the tool and check the performance. Also there are several utility for the tool which are beneficial for the employees as well as for the staff of the company. Along with usefulness and price efficient Orange HRM is also having the feature of mobility as the tool is web linked and staff can access the tool with their username and password from their desired locations.

Way Point HR  

Way Point HR module is quite different from the orange HR module and contains several advanced features which are not included in the Orange HR module. Way Point HR tool does not contains a separate module for the performance management but it would help the company to manage vast amount of data regarding employees and their working schedule so that each and every work details of the employees is widely available in the tool. This information can be accessed by managers easily and would help them to manage their work performance. Also this tool is capable of providing several reports which are useful for managers in order to help them with employee performance review. There are several information which would be easily accessed by the waypoint HR tool and would help staff and managers in order to enhance employee performance which is as below:

  • This tool would contain all the work related details of the employees which are helpful for the other employees and management of the company
  • Employee work schedule, recommendations for managing it efficiently
  • Continuous training modules which are compulsory for each employee
  • Current and historical work related data and schedule management tips

All this information management in the tool would help the employees and learn how to manage their work life efficiently. Also this tool would consist of several essential training modules which needs to be cleared by each employee and these module would provide the ideal schedule management and enhancement of work efficiency. This tool would be bit higher on price range as it contain high space for information management but it is having multiple report generation features, performance management, schedule management and training modules. Also this module is having feature of mobility as the same can be accessed from any place by employees.


This tool is having specialty in the outstanding review of performance management process. This tool would be proved of immense importance for the employees in order to manage their work and also it contains several other features of the performance assessment based on the key performance areas of the employees. Also this tool contains several other reporting tools which are helpful for the management in order to generate reports regarding employee performance and would present timely review. It becomes very easy for the management to make timely efficiency comparison for the employee performance hence each employee can be checked for the performance and efficiency based on their work management through the tool. Along with these tools ICIMS would help the organisation in order to have compensation adjustments, performance action plan so as to improve work related efficiency and internship evaluation reports as well. All these features of ICIMS tool would make it stand different from other available work management tools available in the market which are used for enhancing employee performance. This tool is rich in feature and contains several features related to work performance management and performance review and report generation as well. This tool is quiet economical and economically feasible for giant organisation which are difficult to manage manually.

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