Employability Assignment Help

Employability Assignment Help

This is a solution of Employability Assignment Help which discuss how a student proceeds in career by evaluating all the experience and the relevancy of that experience.


The employment which I am searching for myself after graduation would be completely correlated to my previous work experience. There should be no wastage of the earlier employment and the experience gained through that work. I had prior work experience as coordinator of producing department in one of the biggest oil producing company of the world. After shifting the company I worked in a company as leader in emergency team for 2 years and also as public relation officers. So this work experience will help me in achieving my career objective and fulfill all the organizational goals. Thus the placement which I will desire will be a decision making designation in public relations where I will help company in strategy making as well as strategy execution (Melymuka, 2005). This job will enhance my analytical as well as technical skills and this augmentation will help in achieving long term professional growth.

Graduate level job / Placement

After getting graduate degree my main aim is to work as a supervisor in the domain of business relationship. This designation and job responsibility will be an extension of previous experience as a public relationship manager. Business relationship manager is the profile which helps in the interaction of the company employee with the client (Super, 1990). The business relationship manager is the person who develops and manages the relationship with the clients and brings new businesses as well as profitability for the company (Raths, 2007).

The responsibility of the designation of Business Relationship Manager is one of the rising roles in the industry of software and Information Technology related businesses. The Business relationship manager is a contact between company and its clients. The Business relationship manager has noteworthy information in topic related to both Information Technology as well as the relevant business. The Business relationship manager is accountable to comprehend the commerce, help in the precedence of projects depending upon priority, guarantee that all the projects undertaken support the maximization of return on investment. An employee working as a Business Relationship Manager unavoidably wants excellent communication skills, rational philosophy, decision making, analytical skills and effective headship as well as supervision skills. A Business Relationship Manager is believed to acquire acquaintance about the newest expertise present in the technology market and provide suggestion to top management.

Job description

Business relationship manager is required to discuss with the top management of the company and organize strategy for technical progression and improvement in the long run. BRM has to take responsibility that the man power at all the levels of organizations are utilizing the effective use of the all the technology employed. A Business relationship manager has to work with external companies as well as other entities to incorporate several Information Technology tools as well as services for the advantage of the corporation. BRM has to do a systematic investigation on the tactics used by other several corporations in the similar industry and thus employs enhanced technology to augment the know-how as well as output (Blustein, 1997).

Business relationship manager has no exact job profile but it varies across different companies. The BRM services are required by different kind of business which ranges from commercial banks to software or IT organizations. A Business Relationship Manager has to comprehend all the information about the company and it’s on the whole business process (Super, 1990). He should propose the categorization of different projects and prioritization of those projects, making resources available for the execution of projects, and making certain the optimum productivity from the manpower as well as resources utilized (Raths, 2007).Read about Network Protocol Assignment.

Person specification

Person specification states the key strengths and core competencies needed to fulfill all the responsibilities needed for the job of business relationship manager. The strengths were developed during my prior work experience as team leader as well as public relationship manager.  The person specification needed for the job can be specified as following:

  1. Independent:BRM has to design the project requirement after meeting the clients and then communicating the requirements to the internal technology team. They also have to maintain relationship with the external technology vendors (Melymuka, 2005). They also have the responsibility of negotiating all the business requirements as well as outputs. They also have to direct the resources for the completion of project.
  2. Accountable: The business relationship managers are accountable for the successful project delivery as well as complete monitoring of the project execution (Blustein, 1997). They are accountable for the cost – benefit analysis and scheduling of the project.
  3. Mentor: Business relationship manager also provides consultancy to the clients while negotiating for the projects. They are the key personnel who interfere in the IT Systems strategy making as well as execution of the strategies (Super, 1990). They also have the responsibility to prioritize different projects and help in allocating the required resources.
  4. Hunger for continuous learning: a business relationship manager is a person who should always be updated with the new technology and system. He should be acquainted with the newest trends in the related industry. Business relationship manager should also know the prevalent best practices of the industry to gain competitive edge and sustainable competitive advantage (Raths, 2007).

Personal statement

I have prior work experience of leading a team and managing the post of public relations. Thus I have strong inclination towards the client interaction job role. The earlier knowledge of the same type of the job will help me to learn the role of business relationship manager very fast. I have strong desire to take job in strategic decision making as well as strategy execution. The knowledge gained by me during the 16 years of work experience will do justice with the new role of business relationship manager (Blustein, 1997).

The earlier work experience has given me knowledge about the effective communication skills and acute rational thinking. The main responsibility and strength needed for the job of business relation manager are excellent communication skill, efficient leadership, good presentation skill and critical thinking are very crucial and all these strengths were developed during my work experience (Melymuka, 2005).

Some additional qualities and skills are also required to accomplish the task of business relationship management. Continuous learning will help me to learn the new skills and capabilities to fulfill the tasks given to me (Blustein, 1997). Project management and business management are the key skills which will be needed for the successful completion of given projects. Project management helps in gaining the critical parameters which affects the projects. It also helps to learn new methods and models like PERT and CPM for the project execution and monitor (Melymuka, 2006).

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