Education Majors and Potential Jobs for Students

Education Majors and Potential Jobs for Students

The development of childhood, leaders and mentors defines different facets of teachers. It requires graduates who can fill in their ranks by providing the shape of young minds and check out specialties of varied teaching.

1. Education of the Deaf/Hearing Impaired –It prepares students to work with hearing-impaired children and adults. The rehabilitation centers, hospitals and schools are considered as unusual settings for this specific work so that most of the time can be spent on signing, lip reading and other communication skills. Additionally, teachers of deaf are highly responsible for teaching life skills including personal hygiene and cooking along with the academic subjects like geography and mathematics. This concentration can be found in the education department specifically along with the audiology programs and speech-language pathology at a given college.

Education of the Deaf/Hearing ImpairedEducation

The study plan begins with the curriculum of liberal art courses that includes history, English and performing arts along with the electives in introducing and signing audiology. The upper-division level allows coursework to focus on certain techniques for treatment, diagnosis and remediation of clients. You can gain the experience by working with actual clients and emphasize extensive clinical practice under the guidance and supervision of trained faculty members and professionals. Most of the students these days are pursuing their graduation in this field for further training. Under this, certain possible careers include college professor/consultant, educator of the hearing impaired, hospital administrator, psychiatrist, rehabilitation counselor and supervisor, social worker and therapist.

2. Education of the Learning Disabled –It guides students to work with children who require coping with a learning disability or disabilities. It needs an extensive understanding of the cognition process and natural sensitivity for working with young people. The specialists of the learning disabilities work in a school for a group of schools or district schools in order to consult private practices. This major indicate the school of education by distinguishing from the special education major and enables concentration on working with students with physical disabilities and mental retardation.


Students will understand the expectations for the education majors. You can start with a broad scope of field by diversifying the characteristics of learning disabilities, problem of defining learning disabilities, prevalence of learning disable in schools, manifestations at different stages an ages of life and multidisciplinary nature of the field. Students can excavate into historical definitions, perspectives, characteristics, medical aspects, theories and service delivery models. The clinical placements and assessments are considered as key requirement of the program. Students will be led through a course of study that will qualify them for certification in the home state of the university or college. Under this, certain possible careers include education testing consultant, learning disabilities consultant/teacher, professor of education, school psychologist and tutoring center director.

3. Elementary/Early Childhood Education –The study of skills require instructing children in a range of grades that includes pre-school through fifth and sixth grade. Early and elementary childhood education encompasses the psychology of youth development and the preparation to teach various academic disciplines and various aspects of hygiene, personal health and grooming. All programs contain a teaching certification component.

 Elementary/Early Childhood Education Education

The plan of study starts with a liberal arts core curriculum, together with electives in developmental psychology, children’s literature, and understanding childhood behavior. Upper-division course work focuses on methods of teaching academic subjects, use of media in instruction, abnormal child development, diagnosis of child behavior, and student teaching experience under faculty supervision. Additional seminars in special topics, independent research projects, or directed study may be required. Students will focus on a limited range of ages as their studies progress. Under this, certain possible careers include childcare center teacher or director, children’s book writer, college professor, elementary teacher, pre-school/kindergarten teacher, psychologist, school administrator and counselor, social worker, textbook representative and tutor.

4. Home Economics Education –This study defines the perspective of teaching based on the family and interpersonal and economic unit and the qualities and characteristics it requires surviving and prospering. Topics include nutrition and food preparation, textiles and clothing construction, and home management. This is an interdisciplinary major. It prepares the student not only for teaching in elementary or secondary schools, but also for potential employment with home extension centers or social service agencies concerned with home and family management.


The plan of study in the first two years may include a general education core with elective focus on social science courses such as psychology and sociology. Upper-division work includes these specialty areas: food and nutrition, clothing and decoration, and family management and hygiene. Methods courses in education, supervised student teaching, and some independent project work complete the curriculum; program quality varies widely and may call for considerable investigation to find a strong choice. Under this, certain possible careers include college professor, dietician, elementary school teacher, extension specialist, gerontologist, health administrator, home economist, nutritionist, psychologist, restaurant manager and secondary school teacher.

5. Physical Education –It defines the study of athletics, fitness, sport and exercise. It has prepared students to be teachers of physical education in schools. Now such programs have broadened the opportunities to include instruction in health and nutrition, aerobics and exercise science, as well as rehabilitation therapy or physical therapy. A provisional teaching certificate usually accompanies the degree in physical education; the range of possible career options that is currently available with this major bears careful researching.


The study involves a core curriculum of academic courses, possibly including general chemistry or general physics, with physical education electives in the lower division. Upper-division work highlights skills in a number of sports, courses in teaching at the elementary or secondary school levels, course work in nutrition, anatomy of movement, and techniques of coaching, a student teaching experience, and independent study of current issues in physical education. Students interested in teaching physical education in schools should make sure to meet teaching certificate requirements. Under this, certain possible careers include athletic coach and trainer, camp director, college professor, camp director, drug abuse counselor, elementary school teacher, physical therapist, professional athlete, psychologist, secondary school teacher, social worker.


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