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Macroeconomics closely examines the economy as a whole and gives an answer to questions such as 'What causes the economy to continuously grow over time?', 'What causes some short-run fluctuations in the economy?' 'What in particular influences the values various economic indicators and how does these indicators affect overall economic performance?

Macroeconomics can be best understood in comparison to the microeconomics which considers all the decisions made at an individual or at the firm level. Macroeconomics basically considers the larger picture, or how all of these decisions look together. A basic understanding of microeconomics is very crucial to clearly understand macroeconomics. To understand why some change in interest rates leads to the changes in real GDP, we need to first understand how lower interest rates influences general buying decisions, such as decisions of how much to save and spend, at the firm or at the household level. Once we have understood how an individual, in general, will change his/her behavior, we will then slowly understand the large scale relationships in the economy.

Likewise most of the definitions in economics, there are several competing definitions of the term  macroeconomics assignment help. Browsing the web, we will be finding various answers to this question:

What is Macroeconomics? - How Others have defined Macroeconomics

Perhaps the most basic answer to the question "What is Macroeconomics?" can be found at the site They have stated that "Macroeconomics is that particular branch of economics, which is concerned with all the aggregates, such as national income, investment and consumption.

The Economist's Dictionary of Economics has defined Macroeconomics as "The study of whole financial systems aggregating over the performance of individual economic units. It is chiefly concerned with variables which pursue systematic and predictable paths of behavior and can be analyzed independently of the decisions of several agents who establish their level. More particularly, it is a study of national economies as well as the determination of national income."

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