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Wherever the actions of entities involved are independent of each other Game theory comes in play. It is the study of formal interaction of conflicts and cooperation of these entities. These entities can be big business houses, social groups, governments or individuals or a maybe combination of anyone of the above. It gives a clear understanding of different strategic choices by fundamentally analysing the methodologies. It requires making of models which provides a clearer picture and supports in decision making. It helps in strategic decision making. There are different types of game. A cooperative game is high level explanation describing that what benefits all the parties will get when they cooperate. It is used majorly in politics, international trade relation etc. This is mainly due to the power involved in these scenarios. These power balances are recognized when the negotiations fail and the out is not efficient. Contrary to this there is non-cooperative game theory which deals with interpretation of strategic choices. It involves the study of entry timing and order of the choices which people involved in the situation. The outcome of those strategies depends on each other’s choices.

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As we can see this is a complex subject and needs deep understanding of the related fundamentals. We have many Game theory experts who will help you in help with your assignments at each and every step. They will help you in analysing the situation and preparing models to determine solution for these problems. They will also support you in your dissertation research work and in depth analysis of complex research topics. If you do not understand the subject properly these experts will clear all your doubts through online tutoring sessions and also help you in gaining deep understanding of basics of Game Theory. This subject is widely used in corporate to test strategic decisions and also used by government to determine cooperation and support policies, so having knowledge of this subject will accelerate you career growth.

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