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Microsoft Excel is the most widely used commercial spreadsheet. This package from Microsoft is packed with enormous functionality. There are more than 78000 different type of function which can be performed using excel. Through excel complex financial calculations can be performed, it can be used for its advanced graphical tools to develop charts, graphs and other visual aids to depict complicated data. Macro programming language, Visual Basics can also be used for different applications. Excel is most commonly used for database management. To maintain records in forms of tables, sorting and filtering makes it easy for the user to search required type of data field. It is also used as an analytic tool. Pivot tables is a functionality which is used to analyze large amount of data, in built functionality like sorting, counting and summing make the analysis more detailed and useful for the user. Not just analysis of data but in depth research and reports can also be generated using excel spreadsheets. Corporates extensively use excels for budgeting and financial forecasting purposes. There is excessive use of excel in inventory management and logistics as both of require some amount of analysis and lot of data storage. Small inventory management applications can also be prepared using excels which has drop down functionality which minimizes erroneous data entry and detailed analysis is also possible using pivot tables, charts and graphs. Break-even analysis is also possible with the help of excel spreadsheets. Specific templates are available in spreadsheet for sales analysis, marketing research, inventory management and break-even analysis.

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Elementary knowledge of excel is required for all analytical profiles, it is very necessary to have good command over excel for business studies. If you have difficulties in using excel our experts can provide you with online tutoring for clearing your fundamental doubts, teaching you advanced functionalities of excel and making you proficient with its analytical capabilities. Our experts are professionally trained and have rich experience on Excel. They can help you with most challenging assignments requiring in depth data analysis and derivation of inferences from the existing data. They can also help you with your research projects and dissertation where excel is used for marketing research or financial analysis. Having good command over excel give you long term benefits and potential career growth. In order to avail our moderately priced Excel assignment help service, send us your assignment via upload form or contact us directly and our experts will get back to you. For similar help in other subjects, visit our other OZ Assignment Help 

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