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Energy economics deals with study of utilization of energy commodities and energy resources by humans. This subject also deals with the consequences of that utilization. Energy can be defined as capacity of doing work. When we relate it to economics it includes all resources and commodities that symbolize significant amount of physical energy and thus can be used in doing work. The energy commodities like diesel, gasoline, CNG (compressed natural gas), propane, electricity etc. are used in day to day human use such as transportation, communication, heating, motive power, cooking etc. Energy resources like hydro power, nuclear power, coal, crude oil, biomass, natural gas, solar energy are the primary sources of creating energy commodities. It studies the role of markets, their alternative, the regulatory framework used in different countries to manage supply and demand of these commodities. This subject also deals with the economic flow of these commodities from harvesting to production to the supply and after that disposal of the residual waste. It studies the impact of these commodities on human sustenance and the environment. It deals with determining the most efficient and economic methods to harness and use energy and to have minimum impact on the environment.

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