E-Commerce Venture Assignment

E-Commerce Venture Assignment

Business Idea

Service Offerings

The services offered by E-Commerce Venture Assignment is about getting-certificationsinuk.co.uk are the training which would help the people to get through the various IT certifications done in IT field by IT employees. These IT certifications would be to enhance the IT skills of the people e.g. Microsoft certification, Oracle apps certification, SAP and People soft training etc. The website will help the people to get through these certifications to its users and some amount of fee would be charged from its users for these certifications based on the type of certifications done.

The Five levels of product/ service offered by the company are as follows:

E-Commerce Venture Assignment

  1. Core Benefit: The core benefit given by the business company to its customer is the training in order to get through their IT certification which will help them to excel in their career.
  1. Generic Benefits: Generic benefits of the service offered by the company include the easily available training material, online tutoring and online test conducted by the website in order to give them the evaluation of themselves.
  1. Expected Benefit: A hassle free access to the website and 24 hours availability of the tutoring facility in order to help the customer around the clock so that they can use it without any time constraint and according to their convenience.
  1. Augmented Benefit: Access to various training library and training journal would be given to the customer free of cost in order to enhance their knowledge and skills level.
  2. Potential Benefit: People who have done their IT certification would be recommended to their potential recruiter from the company in order to provide them help to get the job in IT field.
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Innovativeness /Originality of Idea

The training provided to the customer will be given with an arrangement of virtual classroom structure displayed on the website which will give the customer a feel of the real classroom. And since the services courses are available for 24 hours so the customer can get the time convenience. Moreover, this training service will focus on the special needs of the various IT giants which need the special training for their employees. Hence, the company will focus on B2B segment instead of going for individual customers.

Hence, according to the requirement of the various companies training for various IT certifications can be provided to the employees of the company. Hence, customisation of the services would be the main focus for our company which will give the innovative edge to our company over other competitors in the market. Hence, companies can save a lot on their training cost and efforts and since flexible training hours would be provided to the customer hence the process will take less time and hence would be beneficial for both employees and the company as well.

Why to Invest in Idea?

Though the market for IT certification training is well established and also it has many established players like Microsoft, SAP etc but the company offers many facilities for its user which gives a competitive advantage to the company over other competitors available in the market. One of the best reasons to invest in idea includes the first online venture which caters to the individual needs of the companies for different certifications in order to help their employees acquire the better skill for working in the company.

Since the company is also focusing on the B2B market wherein services would be given to several employees of various IT companies so this will allow the company to have transition economies of scale making venture cost effective since initially the idea will require a lot of investment in terms of IT infrastructure for facilitating the training process for the users. But with a number of users registered in the courses will recover the cost and will incur very less per user cost.

Another major reason for the idea being liked by the customer that it will create an online virtual classroom wherein users can interact with tutors in real time and they can clear their doubt and users would get through many mock tests in order to give them an evaluation of themselves in comparison to the other users of that certification.

Also in addition, to the virtual classroom, a common online discussion room will be provided to the customer services  where all user can interact and can help each other in resolving their doubts. The other benefits of the service include the recommendations of the certificate holders to various IT companies in order to help them to get the job will attract a lot of customers.

Marketing Strategy to capture market share

Since our venture is in its early introductory stage so there are a lot of established market players in the market from which company have to capture the market share. For capturing the market share from these competitors company will use the following marketing strategies:

  1. Position Defence: At initial stages of introduction in the market, the focus of the company will be to create the awareness for its business planning and then build a strong brand image for its business since without that it can’t survive in such a competitive industry which has many well-established players. For building the brand image company will start tie-up with the big IT giants like Microsoft, Infosys, and IBM etc and will form a strategic partnership with them which will give the company visibility and also company can leverage on the brand image of such big brand names.
  2. Mobile defence: Since in IT training services many other players are well established so the company will go little off track to launch the customised services for the employee’s of various IT giants so that it can establish a niche customer segment for its business.

Business Model

The business model would be such that the customer would be charged on subscription based for accessing the study material for their training of the IT certification. For providing the access to the study material a nominal amount of $20 dollar would be charged from the user and by subscribing the content customer can avail free training library and journal financial resources as well. While the tutorial for the wholly designed course would be charged on usage basis i.e. the user has to pay for the number of the online tutorials they want to attend. If any user does not feel the need of any tutorial then they can skip that part and can only pay for the study material access they have used from the website. Also, the customer has to pay for the mock test given by the user that would also base on the usage basis.

A SWOT analysis for the venture is as follows –


  • The advantage of entering an e-commerce business which is well established. This reduces the risk of entering an unknown territory with a completely new idea.
  • IT industry is one of the strongest industries worldwide. So, the need for training would always be alive. The workforce in the IT industry would always look at upgrading their skills in order to remain competitively placed in the job market.
  • Constant change in the demand for the type of certifications required in the job market may put pressure on profit margins.
  • In the field of information technology, there is always a challenge of attraction and retention of well-qualified trainers. 


  • There are not many players in the market which can actually help build up a good and healthy competition and a decent share for everyone.
  • A lot of IT professionals are on the lookout for upgrading their technical skills. So, the customer base is good enough.
  • Software engineering graduates can also be considered for training in basic levels of certifications.
  • There are a number of other players in the market. All the competitors offer a huge number of options like a review of one’s training and development needs. These competitors are well established in the business and have a lot of advantages over new entrants.
  • The venture may not be able to offer the kind of discounts etc which older entrants in the market are already providing. This may pose a threat to the business initially.
  • A lot of older players provide various schemes like free air miles to its customers if they sign up for a requisite value of training.
  • Competitors are also providing a comprehensive and consolidated training records management information system for large organisations which our new venture would take a considerable time to develop and deploy in the initial phase.

Strategy for Success

  1. Company at its initial stages should give due importance to brand building
  2. Focus should be more onto to attracting B2B customer (IT companies) by creating visibility and offering benefits for the organisation
  3. Customised certification courses designed for the IT companies employees should be the main highlighted feature for the company in order to attract the business customers
  4. Instead, on making head on collision with the big established players in the market company should emphasise more on to making strategic partnership with them
Legal Issues, Organisational and Cultural issues

Recently there has been many legal issues been imposed in the e-commerce business worldwide looking at the various incidents which harm the trust between the buyer and suppliers in the business (Reynolds, 2004). These legal laws which concern the e-commerce business include the antitrust law according to which companies can’t make an agreement in order to prohibit free market regulation in the industry hence it is basically a law against making cartel. Hence the law emphasis on competition prevailing in the industry since this competition is beneficial for the customer as well as industry.

Organisational issues concerned with the current e-commerce is recruitment and training of the employees of the company in order to make services superfluous since a major part of service experience depends upon the skills and knowledge of the employee’s of the firm. Also, the company need to invest heavily in building the IT infrastructure that can facilitate the training process in smooth and sophisticated manner.

Cultural Issues concerning the business includes the power of social media that can have a positive as well as negative impact on the business so that has to be used in a constructive manner.

Management Recommendations 

  1. To solve the legal issues concerning the business company should build such partnership with the firms which should not break antitrust law and also should build positive brand image and strategic benefits for the company
  2. Talented employees should be hired in order to provide the proper training to the user for completing their certification and create positive customer experience
  3. Company should make required amount of IT investment to have competitive edge in the industry over other competitors
  4. Social media power should be utilised by providing a common platform to all user in order to enhance the usage of services

Online Marketing Campaign

The marketing campaign for the company should be focused around two main objectives which are as follows:

  1. Attracting the business customer for the company
  2. Building positive brand image for the company by focusing it as the customer focused service provider positioning in customer’s mind

The online marketing campaign of the company should be launched in two phases. In first introductory stage aim of the marketing campaign would be to create awareness and visibility for the individual and business customers (Shim, 2000). So the company should take help of consumer promotion method wherein they can buy a large IT customers and IT companies database from the database provider firms (Rosen, 2002). The company can send their brochures which will be having the full information about the training given for various certifications provided by the company. Also special discount can be given to first 500 subscribers of the training programmes and along with that referral programmes can be started wherein if a user refers that training programme to his/her friend and that person subscribe then user will get some access to tutorials at free of cost (Stewart, 2003).

The second phase of a marketing campaign should be focusing on building the positive brand image for the company. For this to achieve company can take help of the PR media wherein a public relation campaign can be designed which focuses on the need of certification in the country in order to enhance the skills of the people in the country and attract more IT import in the company (Carrol, 2001). Also, PR campaign can highlight the ability of the company to help the user to provide the job after completing their IT certification from the company.

E-Commerce Architecture

Service-oriented architecture can be used by the company in order to build the architecture for the e-commerce platform. SOA model contains 3 parts which are as follows:

  1. Core Services: These core services include the social media, catalogue sent to customers, order taking from customer and payment facilitation done by the customers (Linton, 2003). Also online customer services can be provided through core service medium in SOA architecture.
  2. Delivery Channel: Delivery channel in the SOA model include different delivery mediums like web portals, e-mails, web storefronts but the delivery channel used by the company is web portal based in which all customer requests are processed through web portals only (Ellis, 2003).
  3. Resources: These resources are contained by the portal in order to do the authentication process, to manage the data in warehouses and managing the legacy systems as well (Bidgoli, 2002).E-Commerce Venture Assignment

Benefits of SOA Model:

  1. Easy access to users
  2. Smooth data management
  3. Fast transaction speed
  4. Proper process integration