Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The world is online now. Digital marketing simply means the promotion and marketing of products or service with help of one or more electronic media platforms. Digital marketing is a new trend which is different from the traditional marketing. It utilizes the methods and channels to analyze the marketing campaigns. It uses modern digital channels and medium to for product placement. Digital marketing is done for accessing the product and to communicate with the market and the customers. Big or small, whatever the dimension of the business is, digital marketing has its approach and serves as the engine to drive the business.  This type of marketing is used for different promotional digital techniques by companies to reach the customers and market. It uses internet as the main core promotional channel, along with the mobile, TV and radio. It includes the extensive selection of services, products and brand marketing strategies.

 Internet and Digital Marketing.

Internet has changed the ways of marketing. The main objective is to create the customer based interaction with the brand with the help of digital media. Internet marketing techniques for example, SEO, SEMand link building are included in it.

Methods of Digital marketing:

There are following basic five types of digital marketing which are widely accepted and are used all over:

  1. eMedia Marketing: This category includes the content such as audio; video is delivered with help of electronic devices. Such as a digital billboard.
  2. TV Marketing: Though TV marketing is not new yet it is still being used with advanced technologies. It includes TV advertising, sponsorships, interviews, surveys, product placement etc.
  3. Radio Marketing: Another form of tradition marketing, it is still used as it has a good reach among the people. It includes podcasts, interviews, radio ads etc.
  4. Mobile Marketing: Mobile has become a basic requirement now. Companies have targeted mobile as the marketing strategy. It includes messaging such as SMS and MMS, internet, apps ads etc.
  5. Online Marketing: Online marketing is the new trend of marketing. It is very fast form. It includes email marketing, online ads, QR codes, blogs and forums, SMO, SEO, SEM, website optimization, social media marketing etc.

Internet is the soul of digital marketing.

It offers many services such as web, emails, Instant Messaging, RSS, video chat etc. With a massive growth and demand of Smartphones has made mobile devices a widely accepted and used digital media tool. With help of social media, communication with customers and market has become very simple and easy to access. Facebook, Twitter has transformed the traditional social marketing which used to be only for in person interaction, to a mass global digital marketing tool. An effective digital marketing has the potential to connect the electronic technology with the psychologyin the marketplace.  A few years back, the marketing trends were very limited. Due to revolution in IT, communication has expanded it horizons and now there are numerous ways to get in touch with the customers.

digital marketing

For a company, it’s mandatory to know its customers, more than anybody else so that the company can communicate with them. Though surveys, interviews, door to door campaigns are still in use for communication with the customers and market surveys, still digital marketing has found its way in this clutter. Digital marketing has provided various channels, social media, direct mail, point of sale etc with help of which, the companies without going door to door to the customers, now communicate with them online, on company’s website or any of the social media platform. IT revolution has made internet in reach of every one. Now every individual is having Smartphones, computers and internet through which they can access websites, social networks and other online media. Doing this has become a part of everyday life. Companies have taken advantage of this habit and have targeted their customers on this basis. That’s digital marketing has become so popular. A research states that more than 2 million people access internet, whereas 70% is everyday use.

Some common digital marketing strategies adopted by the companies include:

Smartphones, Tablets and PDA:  A research of Inforgraphicby Aden Hepburn (founder and director of VML, WPP – Y & R brands in Australia), 56% of the total population of the world has Smartphones, out of which 50% of the population uses its Smartphones for internet, online search. Cell phone is being used more than any other electronic device.  This is why companies invest in the digital marketing.

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SEO, SEM:  Search Engine Optimizer, Search Engine Marketing. Google is the most used search engine with more than 180 million users, and then comes Yahoo with more than 170 million users, Bing with more than 160 million and Ask with more than 70 million users.  Google generates free traffic from natural and organic search with help of SEO. SEM is about the paid advertisements online. Adwords operates a PPC model for these ads, which is offered by Google.

Images, videos and blogs:  People prefer visual information rather than just simple textual information. According to psychoanalysistoo brain acts faster towards the visual things. And thus keeps visual information longer than any other. That’s why companies are using videos ads, images and blogs as an effective digital marketing tool.

Social Media: Social network serves as the most efficient and cost effective channel of new product promotions. It increases the web traffic, improves customer experiences and maintains the loyalty from the customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest etc are the largest social networking platforms. Companies use many social network management tools such as Podium, Buffer, and Hootsuite etc. Social medium is the one of the most efficient and fast responding tool for digital marketing at present.

As the number of online users never falls down, the digital marketing is also flourishing with a rapid speed. It’s the most utilized method of direct marketing, with personal attention to the customer. Digital marketing provides real time results with reduced costs. It refines the marketing strategies with brand development for a better and greater exposure.  Digital marketing is a powerful promotional tool which gives the product more time and space to tell its story. Unlike traditional marketing, it has the potential to reach larger population. Moreover it is less expensive than tradition marketing, with instantaneous feedback with a long time approach.